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Thread: VDARE Loses Domain Services, May Be Kicked Off the Internet

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    VDARE Loses Domain Services, May Be Kicked Off the Internet

    On June 17, 2020, Lydia Brimelow, VDARE’s advancement officer, announced that the renowned immigration restriction website is planning a move to the Dark Web.

    This was brought about by actions that Network Solutions, VDARE’s domain name registrar took earlier this week.

    According to Brimelow, Network Solutions gave the immigration patriot website “10 days’ notice of its intention to terminate our account, after some 20 years.”

    She added that “It gave no specific reasons beyond alleged violations of its Acceptable Use Policy, but said ‘we consider your continued use of our services a serious issue and risk to our business and corporate reputation.’”

    Brimelow explained that a “domain name registrar handles the reservation of web addresses. Without registration, would be inaccessible on normal web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.”

    However, VDARE is combatting this gross form of censorship by having their lawyer challenge Network Solutions’ actions.

    But they’re not stopping there. Brimelow revealed that VDARE has plans to go into the Dark Web.

    She outlined what this looks like:

    Introducing the TOR browser: We hope we can find a way to avoid that. But we do urge you to prepare for this terrible day NOW.

    If we fail to find a new domain registrar, the ONLY way you will be able to continue reading is via the “Dark Web”—using the TOR browser. But the connotations drawn from the moniker “Dark Web” are misleading.

    TOR is an internet browser focused entirely on user privacy and security, protecting users from having their internet history analyzed for information based on interests and behavior. TOR is also the browser used to access websites that are not indexed by web search engines, not served by domain registrars or that are vulnerable to harm by autocratic governments and other bad actors. We suggest TOR to readers as a prudent workaround in this threatening time.

    The most important thing for you to do right now is to save this address:


    It’s’s TOR address. Our entire website is already mirrored there.

    To use TOR, Brimelow highlighted several steps that VDARE readers can take:

    Start Using TOR

    Download and install the TOR browser, or open a private window using TOR on the Brave browser

    Save VDARE’s TOR address: http://f2vfjp3jc37gxgn4hum4uf2bhi2w3...hminobid.onion

    Enter the TOR address in the TOR browser and save it as a bookmark!

    For over two decades, VDARE has been a leading voice for immigration restriction.

    They understand all dimensions of the issue — from national security to political integrity. Given the multi-faceted nature of immigration, it is the #1 issue heading into the 2020 elections.

    More at:
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    I believe VDARE should skip the lawsuit, and focus on moving to a new site host. A good path to follow is the path 8kun took. They are now accessible on clearnet, and have excellent DDOS mitigation as well.

    Sometimes the best way to fight unfair treatment is to use the free market rather than the courts. Give that money to market innovators and entrepreneurs rather than lawyers.
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    You can't just kick somebody off the internet. Once something goes on the internet, it stays there forever.
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    There are so many of registrars, I do not understand why they do not simply switch. Netsol is like the worst one. I and many others learned this 20 years ago. Can't believe people still use them.

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