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Thread: Marine Corps four-star general accuses Trump of trying to plunge the U.S. into 'illiberalism'

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    Exclamation Marine Corps four-star general accuses Trump of trying to plunge the U.S. into 'illiberalism'

    Pending confirmation from other sources:

    Marine Corps four-star general John Allen accused Trump of trying to plunge the U.S. into 'illiberalism'

    Who's going next? All six of these four-star Marine generals are now retired. Jim Mattis (standing, left) has called Donald Trump a danger to the Constitution; John Kelly (seated, left), called Trump's attack on Mattis 'confused' and nasty'; John Allen (second right) accused Trump of trying to plunge the U.S. into 'illiberalism'; which leaves Joe Dunford, Trump's first chairman of the joint chiefs (seated, second from left); James Amos (standing, right); and John Paxton (right) who have not spoken out

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    Synonyms & Antonyms for illiberalism

    bigotry, dogmatism, illiberality, illiberalness, intolerance, intolerantness, narrow-mindedness, opinionatedness, partisanship, sectarianism, small-mindedness

    between them they have over 200 years military time , i will take them everyday over --trump -pence - obama-bush jr - clinton - limbaugh - hannity - cheney - and any other neocon .
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