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Thread: Trump Pooches

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    Trump Pooches

    Trump has screwed the pooch in a big way.

    How? Glad you asked.

    His first impulse in response to the nationwide rioting is to call in the army. FAIL. His first call to arms should have been to the militia. WE are the actual authority here and not stooge "government" who presume to lord over us.

    Further exacerbating my irritation with this very stupid failure is the fact that calling in the army bumps against Posse Comitatus. The Insurrection Act has been pointed out to me as the basis for calling in the troops during rioting in LA back in the Rodney King incident. To that I say FEH! Comitatus is one of the few decent statutes on the books and was enacted with good reason. Furthermore, I say $#@! the Insurrection Act.

    What we need are a million Americans on the streets, well armed and ready to shoot the ghosts from the carcasses of anyone and everyone who commits or visibly fixes to commit felonious acts. This should be done by US and not Themme.

    Trump's walking a tight line this time.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Freedom will be stolen from you in a heartbeat if you do not behave as a wild and ravening beast pursuant to its protection.

    "Government" is naught but a mental construct, a script to which people meekly accept and play out their assigned roles by those with no authority to dictate such.

    Pray for reset.

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    This time?

    What about all of those other times?
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    The reality of it is that there is no militia available in the cities.

    When it spreads to the rural areas and small towns the locals deal with it.

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