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Thread: FB,Funimation, Twitter,Anime, American virtue signaling solidarity to BLM

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    FB,Funimation, Twitter,Anime, American virtue signaling solidarity to BLM

    Companies from American Anime/Manga English translators like funimation,crunchyroll dispute staying neutral on the issues they took no time on soical media on FB and twitter to show their virtue signaling solidarity to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Once again showing their virtue signaling solidarity to a group that is also racist towards whites and they had shown that they are.

    Even in Canada

    Black lives matter … but the lives of “men and white folks” do not?

    That apparently is the message Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali was trying to convey when she posted a controversial tweet on Feb. 9 that surfaced Tuesday morning.
    So why are companies virtue signaling solidarity to BLM when a co founder basically said horrible things about white people just three years back? as usual the co founder quickly criticized her racism towards white people by sofucisng on their own commuity.

    Black Lives Matters activist Sandy Hudson blamed the media for focusing on the tweet, instead of the larger issues at hand.

    “This is extremely frustrating and emotional for me because we slept outside for two weeks to get somebody to care about death in our community and this is what you decided to focus on? It’s very, very, very irresponsible,” she said.

    When will these companies learn that virtue signaling solidarity doesn't works?
    Its one thing to show respect towards a person killed by the cops its another issue supporting a potical organization.
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    Looks like Nickelodeon has gone virtue signaling for 8 mins and 45 secs for Floyd. In Support of Justice,Equality and Human Rights.

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