The following report shows that immunity from prosecution for care homes is associated with more “COVID-19 fatalities”.

This report draws a strong association between nursing home fatalities, corporate ownership, and immunity from prosecution and third-party lawsuits.The data shows that 77 percent of total deaths come from states that gave immunity to corporations who owned nursing homes and healthcare facilities; moreover, 76 percent of total nursing home deaths come from states that have legal immunity status for these facilities.

Important Facts
•Legal immunity facing the COVID-19 apex kills: As of May 10, 2020, 62,031 deaths out of 80,796 total deaths come from states with some variation of corporate immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
•Of the ten states with the highest fatality rates, eight have corporate immunity and represent 93 percent of all fatalities, or 63,187 deaths. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania,Illinois, Connecticut, and Louisiana rank at the top of case fatalities.

•By calculating the average deaths per facility with fatalities by state(absolute number of NH deaths/number of NH facilities with fatalities), once again, New York and NewJersey lead in first and second place, with 12.6 and 9.2 average deaths per facility ,respectively (Figure 2). The national average death per facility is 3.6, which six of the twelve states that have nursing home immunity surpass.

•In looking strictly at the death rate in the nursing home population (absolute number of NH deaths/number of NH residents), we find that eight of the twelve states with immunity surpass the national average, which is 2.1 percent (Figure 3).

It is no coincidence that states that gave blanket legal immunity to for-profit businesses and corporations are the same states with the highest case fatality rates.