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Thread: Outstanding debt to hit 108% in 2021 says CBO

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    Outstanding debt to hit 108% in 2021 says CBO

    Sadly, I don't hink any of this is going to happen. Baby Boomers who are retiring are simply going to vote for anyone who maintains or expands these programs. Also, The article fails to mention that we need to eliminate the welfare state for starters.

    When the time for a fix arrives, Congress will have to start in the biggest programs, since that’s where the money is. “You cannot rely on what we have relied on so far—cuts in annual discretionary spending, which are less than a third of the budget,” Holtz-Eakin says. “You have to take on the mandatory entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act.”
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    You could eliminate Welfare , food stamps, Medicaid and the affordable care act now .

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    As for social security and medicare , just give me a check for what I pd in or pay it . $#@!ers have stolen enough

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