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Thread: Gun Control BACKLASH! GOP SWEEPS VA city council race in BLUE TERRITORY

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    Gun Control BACKLASH! GOP SWEEPS VA city council race in BLUE TERRITORY

    When Virginia democrats went nuts on gun control after taking power, a lot of people here were outraged and wanted to put money to get people to protests. I said this is a VA problem, they got themselves in this mess by being complacent and only they can get themselves out by showing up and stomping out the rats.

    Now, the first smoke signal of a backlash has appeared.

    Staunton, VA consistently went democrat, now their city council is in GOP control. Seems like Virginia is awake and the purple/blue could get washed with red this year, putting the state back into play. I was never doubtful though, the DEMS went too far and they should've been smarter about their first years in power. I think this is a strong signal for VA, but not representative of what could happen nationally.

    “Bottom line is that the strategies worked, flipping both from D to R, but the change in Staunton is stunning almost beyond words,” Graham opined. “A city that voted for Barack Obama, twice, voted for Hillary Clinton, voted for Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam, even gave a solid majority to Jennifer Lewis in her 2018 congressional run against Ben Cline, is now controlled by Republicans.”

    Incumbent city council member Andrea Oakes reportedly received around the number compiled in the city by Ed Gillespie in 2017 and Ken Cuccinelli in 2013, striking for a local election and indicative of a huge turnout from GOP voters.
    @Ehanced_Deficit's real agenda on RPF :
    DNCIA-SB (Soros, Brennan)

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    Hope more counties in Virginia will end up becoming red.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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