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Thread: DoJ sent warning letter to L.A. Mayor Garcetti over ‘heavy-handed’ stay-at-home order

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    DoJ sent warning letter to L.A. Mayor Garcetti over ‘heavy-handed’ stay-at-home order

    The U.S. Department of Justice on Friday warned the mayor of Los Angeles and the county’s top health officer that an extension of the coronavirus stay-at-home order may be unlawful.

    The vague letter sent to Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer did not spell out any specific violations, but noted concern about statements both had made publicly that restrictions may be prolonged without a vaccine.

    “Reports of your recent public statements indicate that you suggested the possibility of long-term lockdown of the residents in the city and county of Los Angeles, regardless of the legal justification for such restrictions,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband wrote. “We remain concerned about what may be an arbitrary and heavy-handed approach to continuing stay-at-home requirements.”

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    Garcetti was actually thinking about running for president this election cycle. Glad he decided not to. He probably wouldn't have even made it very far. The way hes responding to the coronavirus is a glimpse of what he would do.
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