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Thread: Joe Biden's 'Bold' Thinking Shredded Civil Liberties and Destroyed Lives

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    Joe Biden's 'Bold' Thinking Shredded Civil Liberties and Destroyed Lives

    Joe Biden's 'Bold' Thinking Shredded Civil Liberties and Destroyed Lives
    On crime, drugs, immigration, and foreign policy, his 44-year policy record is a cautionary tale of bipartisanship in response to perceived crises.


    Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee in the 2020 election by running as a moderate unifier, hoping to win over voters with the promise of business-as-usual politics from the pre-Trump era.

    Now the COVID-19 pandemic has led him to rethink his platform of a return to the days of bipartisan consensus, and his campaign is seizing the opportunity to offer what the Los Angeles Times described as "bold change" on such issues as climate change, health care, social welfare, and infrastructure.

    But it's worth remembering that in his 44 years in the Senate and then as vice president, Biden repeatedly took advantage of moments of crisis to push through policies that have exacerbated some of the most critical problems afflicting American society.

    Biden has been a prominent figure in the bipartisan War on Drugs for decades, he helped the Clinton administration pass disastrous crime and immigration bills, he laid the foundation for the PATRIOT Act, he assisted the George W. Bush administration in making the case for the war in Iraq, and then as vice president he oversaw the deportation of a record number of people.


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    Biden has made a ton of money putting minorities in prison and the NAAPC keeps endorsing him.

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    At this point you have to be pretty stupid to get behind Biden.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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