RAND PAUL: The Unmasking Controversy Is About More Than A Democrat Conspiracy Against Trump — It’s About Unconstitutional Spying
By Sen. Rand Paul - May 20, 2020

Last week, there was much discussion over “unmasking,” where Obama administration officials flagrantly violated the constitutional rights of American citizens, including those of their political opponents.
You see, last week, we also debated legislation in the Senate dealing with warrantless surveillance and the FISA courts. I’m afraid I didn’t hear much about that from many of my GOP colleagues; in fact, most of them voted to continue to give this unconstitutional power to presidents and administrations.

This is a mistake. The lesson we should all be taking away from this is not “My political opponents should not be able to spy on me without a warrant.” The lesson should be that “NO ONE should be allowed to spy without a warrant.” The difference is not small.
For opponents of concentrated power, like myself, the issue isn’t just about the Democrat conspiracy to take down Trump. The issue is about unconstitutional eavesdropping.

I don’t simply want Biden and others prosecuted. I want the system fixed so unmasking doesn’t happen short of a real warrant from an Article III constitutional court.
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