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Thread: Whats the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

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    Whats the deal with all these forex traders on Instagram?

    For the past several months my instagram has been increasingly growing with people advertising forex trading. They all basically preach the same thing by saying “Escape the 9-5”, and “do you want to be financially free?”, etc. Surely this isn’t actually legit right? These people are even offering classes to teach you how to do it (you have to pay them of course). I don’t know the first thing about investing or trading, but I feel like those that actually know how to trade simply won’t just teach you in like 2 months for $200. Can somebody give some insight on this? It seems like such a scam and pyramid scheme to me but so many people are doing it I just wanna make sure.

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    Ya , I would not pay them. If you have questions ask them here .

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    All the world's currencies are being printed like mad in this "crisis". Yes, they'll still fluctuate in value compared to each other, but will it be possible to make money from that while all of them are bleeding value at a much faster rate than normal? The smart money is getting out of all of them. The problem these traders have is, who will buy these time bombs from them? They need more suckers.

    Think about that. But don't even think about buying paper silver or paper gold. Those certificates are just promises to deliver the metal, and promises can be broken.
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    I do not use Instagram therefore it matters to me not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    I do not use Instagram therefore it matters to me not.
    Same , no forex or Instagram for me .

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    Yes. Scam. Forex is impossible. Anyone says otherwise belongs in jail.

    The reality is almost nothing works. Here a not so secret secret. The overwhelming majority of people who make money working for themselves trading do so shorting penny stocks. There are other strategies that work but if you just make the simplifying assumption that anything other than shorting parabolic moves in junk stocks is a scam that will save you years of grief.

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