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Thread: Did Obama go after Flynn for his attempt to expose corruption of Afghanistan War?

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    Did Obama go after Flynn for his attempt to expose corruption of Afghanistan War?

    Remember The Afghanistan Papers? Yeah, the Washington Post published them on Dec. 9, 2019, but it all disappeared in a hurry.

    Listen to Flynn’s Lessons Learned interview! He discusses the rampant level of corruption he witnessed, calls the CIA “absolutely irresponsible” and refers to "a lack of courage in senior government officials to tell the truth.

    Is this why Obama’s people went after him the way they did?

    A few excerpts from Flynn's interview:
    …There’s probably criminal cases waiting to be had against people who found weaknesses in our system, I mean, even soldiers, even other government officials, found weaknesses in our system to make money…so… the tactical intelligence and the tactical intelligence reporting that was captured, written down in some database, some computer system that described corruption, was unbelievable. There was plenty of it. As intelligence makes it’s way up higher, it gets consolidated and it gets really really watered down… and it gets politicized… because once policy makers get their hands on it, and frankly, when operational commanders get their hands on it, they put their twist on it…
    I used to go down and sit with the SIGAR [Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction] people in Kandahar, just to chat with them, have a cup of coffee, and see what they were up to.

    Never mind not accompllshing our mission, but the severity of corruption in our own system, I think is just unbelievable. The waste that I saw is unbelievable. You just sit there and go, "you have got to be kidding me, why did we do this?" I think that somebody, someday, will sit down and do some very serious research with data, which they can discover, about this problem.
    … The CIA was not sharing all of their information with the department of defense - or the rest of the intel community for that matter…

    Michael Flynn, Lessons Learned Interview - AUDIO - 11/10/2015 (approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long)

    Michael Flynn, Lessons Learned Interview, 11/10/2015
    The way the document is formatted, makes it essentially impossible for me to copy/paste it! Anyone know of another transcript?

    Below, I’ve posted a timeline of Flynn-related events, originally published by the NY Daily News (biased) on May 9, 2017. I have added a few relevant dates to their timeline, to improve the context.

    New York Daily News By Jason Silverstein - MAY 09, 2017
    April 17, 2012: President Barack Obama nominates Flynn, a U.S. Army lieutenant general who led operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn takes over in July and, as part of his appointment, is given top-level security clearance.

    April 30, 2014: [Obama fires Flynn] Flynn announces his retirement from the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] about a year earlier than expected. Media reports reveal that Flynn was effectively forced out over his combative management style and clashes over his attempted overhaul of the agency. The New Yorker [ ] later reports that DIA subordinates mocked Flynn for his loose relationship with the truth and said he spewed so-called "Flynn facts." Flynn will become a vocal critic of Obama.

    [November 10, 2015: Michael Flynn, “Lessons Learned” interview takes place]

    December 10, 2015: Flynn attends a Moscow gala for the Russian state-run news outlet RT, where he is seated next to the nation's president, Vladimir Putin. Flynn gets paid $33,750 for his hour-long talk at the event.

    January 2016: Despite getting pushed out by the Obama administration, Flynn has his security clearance renewed. [Oh, so you see a problem with that?]

    February 2016: Flynn begins serving as an adviser for the Trump campaign and will soon become one of its public fixtures. He will even be considered as a potential running mate. Speaking at the Republican National Convention in July, Flynn leads the crowd in anti-Hillary Clinton "Lock her up" chants and says in his speech, "If I did a tenth of what she did, I'd be in jail today."

    [November 8, 2016: (The first?) request to unmask Flynn’s identity is processed]

    November 10, 2016: Less than 48 hours after the end of the election, Trump and Obama meet for the first time in Oval Office. NBC News reports in May that, in this conversation, Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn.

    November 18, 2016: Trump hires Flynn as his national security adviser.

    [November 30, 2016: Samantha Powers (first?) receives Flynn’s identity]

    December 29, 2016: Flynn speaks with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak the same day the Obama administration announces sanctions on Russia over its alleged hacking of Clinton's campaign. The FBI and Obama advisers are aware of the conversation.

    [January 17, 2017: Final request to unmask Flynn’s identity is processed]

    January 22, 2017: The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. counterintelligence agents are investigating communications between Flynn and Russian officials. Over the next three weeks, Flynn will initially say he does not recall the conversation, but he will gradually admit to the details in the report. Reports also show Flynn misled Vice President Pence about his talk with Kislyak.

    January 31, 2017: Trump fires Sally Yates, the acting U.S. attorney general, after she tells the Justice Department not to defend Trump's travel bans, which will later be halted by federal courts. After her ouster, multiple media reports indicate Yates warned White House officials about Flynn's Russian relations and said they could become a serious issue. The White House denies this.

    February 13, 2017:*Facing continued scrutiny over the Russia call, Flynn resigns 24 days into his tenure with Trump, departing as the short-serving national security adviser.

    March 8, 2017: Flynn registers with the Justice Department as a foreign agent who did $530,000 worth of lobbying work before Election Day, on behalf of a Dutch company tied to the Turkish government. Flynn did this work even while advising the Trump campaign and sitting in one some of Trump's classified security briefings.

    March 30, 2017: The Wall Street Journal reports that Flynn had offered to testify before the FBI, Senate or House about the federal probe into Trump's alleged Russia ties, if he is granted immunity from prosecution. Later reports indicate the offer was rejected.

    May 8, 2017:*On a day full of bombshells, Trump's former acting U.S. attorney general Sally Yates testifies before a Senate committee that she told the White House about Flynn's Russia talk 18 days before he resigned. She said she warned that Flynn "essentially could be blackmailed by the Russians." Meanwhile, the NBC News report reveals Obama's November warning to Trump about Flynn, which was ignored.
    Also, this biased New Yorker story describes just how much they all really hated Flynn:
    …according to former associates, a parallel power structure developed within the D.I.A. [Defense Intelligence Agency] to fence him [Flynn] in, and to keep the nearly seventeen-thousand-person agency working. “He created massive antibodies in the building,” the former colleague said.

    Flynn had been on the job just eighteen months when James Clapper told him he had to go...
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    I believe what scared Obama about Flynn is what he knew about Benghazi.

    9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc were terrible, but Benghazi is what broke the camel's back.

    Benghazi, the coverup, and Hillary's downfall led to Donald Trump's election in 2016.

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    I hope he has a security detail for protection.
    When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? - Miguel de Cervantes, (Don Quixote)

    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntarist View Post
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Federal Reserve Notes of patriotic central banks

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    Quote Originally Posted by revgen View Post
    I believe what scared Obama about Flynn is what he knew about Benghazi.

    9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc were terrible, but Benghazi is what broke the camel's back.

    Benghazi, the coverup, and Hillary's downfall led to Donald Trump's election in 2016.
    In the interview, Flynn talks about having seen the same kind of corruption going back to 2002 and in Iraq too. If they fail to crush Flynn, he could blow the whistle on stuff that happened under the Bush administration and the Obama administration - especially Obama, since he was supposed to be all about hope and change and being "liberal".

    I think, if the general public were aware of the level of corruption, Obama's legacy would be absolutely destroyed, no matter how loudly they scream "racist". Whatever money-grubbing scumbaggery was going on (in Afghanistan/Iraq) during Bush's time in office - you know that the democrats' scumbaggery was exponentially worse - more greedy, more widespread - that cancer will only have grown and metastasized with time.

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