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Thread: The Coronavirus Fearmongers Are Trying To Drive You Nuts. Don't Let Them!

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    The Coronavirus Fearmongers Are Trying To Drive You Nuts. Don't Let Them!

    The Coronavirus Fearmongers Are Trying To Drive You Nuts. Don't Let Them!

    Ginning up fear and terror was key to getting hold of the country, tossing millions of Americans out of work, and setting fire to the Constitution. A nation ruled by fear is a nation that falls into tyranny. How the elites use fear as a method of control. Plus on today's program: Why did so many coronavirus deaths occur at nursing homes? The "Georgia Model" is working well so far...and it's driving the fearmongers crazy. And is HR 6666 as demonic as they claim? All this in today's Liberty Report!

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    I feel obliged to once again point out who the real culprits are in all this: you and me. I have fallen into a state of utter disgust as I have watched nearly 300 million Americans kowtow to the "state" with at least half of them hiding behind their locked doors, knees rattling together to raise the dead in midbrain flesh-terror.

    Vast hordes of Americans are now proven so timid and milquetoast a breed that the most ridiculously transparent foists succeed with silky smooth action, met with full compliance and no questions asked. They deserve the wretchedness of existence that is cast upon their soulless, gutless, wantonly ignorant selves by the Tyrant who, despite his felonious behavior nonetheless acquits himself orders of magnitude better than those upon whom he preys and presumes to lord; for at least he shows nerve, ambition, and the guts to go after that to which he probably feels entitled. Credit where due, I always say.

    But those who have been the targets of the Tyrant's predations merit no respect or fond regard whatsoever. The destruction they face is fully and utterly deserved and I relish the day it shall be made perfect, but for one fact: the few who are not cut of so cheap a cloth, what of them? Are the good, scarce as they seem to be, worth the effort required to save, dragging the unworthy to salvation on their coattails? I used to think so, and I still with to, but to be honest I find it hard to justify, especially if their salvation will not be secured into the unforeseeable future by the adoption of attitudes and attendant cultural shifts and policies that put would-be tyrants to flight or the sword in short order and without equivocation or hesitation, regardless of any presumed "good intentions".

    I don't want to bother trying to save the few if it means saving the petty timids, whose villainy lies in their corruption, just to have the next generation of wannabe lairds rise in another generation to once more beset humanity with their vile filth and felonious acts. The ONLY way I would ever agree to save the human dredge for the sake of the pearls would be in the event that the post upheaval nation took freedom seriously, intelligently, courageously, and they allowed me to write the Laws that dealt with the control and punishment of all "government" instruments who violate their oaths and/or the rights of those to whom they swear them. I would make political life such a terror for the corruptible man, he would not dare run for office, accept appointment, or seek employment of any form, nor volunteer to work in the capacity of such an instrument of the "state". Those bold enough to assume the mantle of the Public Trust would live on pins and needles, every mindful of their oaths and the obligations they carry. The plight of all "government" people would be frightful, but the righteous man would have no fear for so long as either he refrained from violation of his fellows or, having inadvertently committed violation immediately confesses his guilt and makes every required measure to amend, his cause for worry would be little to none.

    THAT is what is needed - consequences. Dire, fearful, terrifying consequences that take down not only the committer of the crime, but his entire family as well. The stakes have to be so great that only the absolutely worst of the psychopaths would even consider stepping out of line. Bringing one's family members into the committment of the sworn oath as collateral of good faith and duty brings a new dimension to accountability that IMO will give anyone considering ill-advised action abundant reason to rethink his notion and choose to decline in favor of righteousness.

    I have considered with great care the problems associated with tyranny in America (actually everywhere, but I don't give a damn about the rest of the world) and believe I have arrived at an optimal, if not optimum, set of conditions and constraints that would go a very long way toward thwarting the Tyrant and culling his numbers so drastically, the freedoms of the people would be best ensured in the context of a land that has, for whatever reason chosen to retain the childishly idiotic script that is the "state".

    Publicly hanging unrepentant/unamended violators, televised to the world, would go a very long way toward dissuading those in "government" from corrupt and criminal behavior.

    It will never happen, but it is nonetheless a good thing to consider and work out in one's thoughts.
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    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Freedom will be stolen from you in a heartbeat if you do not behave as a wild and ravening beast pursuant to its protection.

    "Government" is naught but a mental construct, a script to which people meekly accept and play out their assigned roles by those with no authority to dictate such.

    Pray for reset.

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