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Thread: Amid Slashed .25% COVID Death Rate, HR 6666 and Plans for Forced Testing, Tracing, Quarantine

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    Amid Slashed .25% COVID Death Rate, HR 6666 and Plans for Forced Testing, Tracing, Quarantine

    From https://realcoronavirusnews.blogspot...h-rate-hr.html

    Many doctors now argue that COVID-19 is not much deadlier than ordinary seasonal flu - from projections of 2% to 4% mortality rate, mostly among frail elderly and immuno-compromised people - further studies based on much more data show a real mortality rate of as low as .25%. This could go even lower. Ordinary seasonal flu is about .1% deaths of symptomatic cases. Now it is true that COVID-19 is not much deadlier than ordinary seasonal flu.

    Worldwide, up to 650,000 people die each year of seasonal flues. So war, worldwide, about 250,000 people have died of COVID-19. The 1968 Hong Kong Flu Pandemic toll was 100,000 Americans. The 1957 H2N2 virus pandemic, about 116,000 Americans. So far COVID-19, if the numbers are to be believed, 83,000 Americans. Last year up to that many died of regular flu, a bad season. Just months after the 1967-1968 flu pandemic, Woodstock was in full swing.

    Yet the full court press for draconian laws steams ahead, as if nothing happened, while the fear is fresh. Before, the rationale for the override of basic rights was to "flatten the curve" so the health system would not be overwhelmed. Now, a "spike" in "new cases" will suffice. The problem is, it is the nature of a virus to spread and cause new cases, as people gather again. That is how herd immunity is reached. Governments have guaranteed the perpetuation of their new powers.

    Congress and local governments now want to deploy "armies" to communities, and homes. A storm is sweeping through the Internet regarding a bill, introduced by Democrat Bobby Rush, HR 6666 COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. The bill states:

    "trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through— health units; necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.
    The governor of Washington State has made clear he will deploy National Guard to assist in these "services." The Washington governor said residents must stay quarantined while they await results, and that those who test positive must quarantine at their residences or "a place provided for them."

    "A place provided for them." [Update: The top Ventura County, California health official recently said last week that family members might be forcibly removed from homes in order not to infect other family members.]

    Yet Washington has a low COVID death rate by state. 12 deaths per 100,000 in population, versus New York's 137 per 100,000. There is no relation between the severity of outbreaks and the tough talk of governors.

    Since one could test negative one day, and go back out and catch it the next day, the internal logic of the "new normal" says that you can be ordered tested, quarantined, tested again, and the list of who you associate with updated. At any time. Forever.

    Voluntary testing might be okay. But the language of this bill is the sort of thing that needs to be drowned in the bathtub. Right now.

    All this ignores that the coronavirus is, to the vast majority of people, not an especially deadly disease, and that the natural progression of herd immunity among healthy people is the only dynamic which will slow and stop it in the short run.

    The governors who, on their own, imposed mask orders which far exceeded even CDC guidelines will be given access to $100 billion in funds in support of these measures, however they interpret them.

    The example of New York City continues to be held up as a warning for what could happen if we do not impose a draconian regime, even though the greatly disproportionate deaths there were a function of unique population density and overcrowding, as argued by Gerard Baker of the Wall Street Journal.

    Rep. Rush at his website promises "door-to-door outreach" in the testing, contact tracing, and isolation program funded by HR 6666. There has been talk of forcing those ordered to quarantine to wear electronic bracelets, like criminals. Such bracelets are already in use in Hong Kong, where recent political protests have magically come to a screeching halt.

    Will the governors and officials who unilaterally imposed stiff fines and penalties for not wearing masks, or not "social distancing," impose penalties to be enforced by law enforcement, or even National Guard, for refusing to take a test? We have already seen SWAT teams storming beaches and places of worship.

    WHO and China have laid the groundwork for people to be taken from their homes when tested positive, even children. The orgy of exercise of arbitrary power made possible by the constantly reinforced climate of fear has made things possible that even a few months ago would have been unimaginable.

    Just recently a top WHO official said:

    "Now we need to go into families and find out who's sick, and remove them, and isolate them"
    Some believe coronavirus death figures have been boosted in different ways to increase the fear factor. In a shockingly under-reported scandal, New York Governor Cuomo has been accused by health executives of having "blood on his hands," after he forced COVID-positive patients into a nursing home, complete with body bags for the expected deaths. As dynamite a story as that is, crickets. The media seems only interest in steadily ratcheting up the fear. Now you can be immune but the virus mutates! But all viruses do that.

    As fearful a climate as we live in, there are signs that the media is not done pumping up the fear. Now more child deaths are being vaguely "linked" to COVID-19, although a close study raises questions over whether those deaths are not in fact more strongly linked to prior vaccinations. This is something RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense talks about. If you think society has been hopelessly duped by the media and government to throw out all basic rights now, watch what happens they think their children are at risk.

    Comments online about China taking away uncooperative citizens indicate that, despite new data that COVID-19 is not much worse than the common flu, a certain portion of the population would not understand this, and have been so brainwashed by media hype that some would be cheering the government's actions. This is why such legislation needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.

    Next up, mandatory vaccinations, if you want to work, travel, enter a grocery store, go to the dentist, get medical treatment, or get a haircut.

    All over an illness which has been less deadly than other flu epidemics in the US, during which not the slightest mention was made of shutting down the economy or suspending Constitutional rights.

    Top WHO official says it is time to take people forcibly from their homes.

    Scientist Says COVID-19 Basically No Different from Bad Flu Season

    Chinese Family Taken from Home by Health Enforcement Officials
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    The only number to understand now is new morbidity rate, like .25%, really makes it morer like common flu than anything therefore proves the whole thing is a psy-op.

    "UPMC doctor argues COVID-19 not as deadly as feared, says its hospitals will shift back to normal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    If recent reports on this are factual, situation is getting out of hand and could have major impact on 2020 elections.

    Chuck Baldwin: Trump Fast-Tracking Forced Vaccinations
    Yep. If Baldwin is right or Trump doesn't change course, with real actions not words, he will lose his base over vaccination. He will be revealed as good cop in a good cop bad cop routine.

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    Looks like this is going to die in the Senate.
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