This is an interesting tweet from Schiff.

Kudlow used to be a free market guy who was worried about deficit spending... Then he joined the administration and is now silent about the biggest deficits in history, socialism by the back door and a massive expansion of the national debt!

Then I notice Donald has appointed the former 'Freedom' Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) as chief of staff and is going to appoint him as leader on the task force to 're-open' the economy.

Meadows fiscal conservatism and the whole reason he was elected as a congressman has gone out of the window much like Kudlow.

DC, the Swamp , whatever you want to call it seems to have an effect here.

Trump does believe in handing out plumb jobs to once principled critics can buy their silence. It's no coincidence IMO. There must be other examples further down the food chain.

The ones he can't bring to heel like Massie and Amash are the targets of irate tweets.

One thing is for sure , Donald ain't draining the swamp he is perpetuating it beyond all imagination.