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Thread: If Government Agencies Are Unconstitutional Then What Next?

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    If Government Agencies Are Unconstitutional Then What Next?

    I have long thought that most federal agencies are unconstitutional.

    Seeing as the congress is granted legislative powers and there is no real constitutionality for the FDA, EPA, CDC etc (if you are a strict constructionist and reject the non-delegation theory) Then how would some of these tasks be handled?

    I'm not a fan of most of what the FDA, CDC, EPA and all the rest of the alphabet soup does, however, i do recognize there is some good in what they do. I.E setting air standards and public health standards.... if we were to strike down the alphabet soup as unconstitutional how would these tasks be performed?

    Would we need a constitutional amendment to create very contained agencies?

    Would we merely have more subcommittees to evaluate the issues these agencies have traditionally been tasked with performing and bring in experts and then pass legislation through congress?

    I ask because I was researching the issue and came across a very intersting article about a Supreme Court case in 2019 that shows there is some conservative support for the theory of non-delegation (Gorsuch, Roberts, and Thomas ((Kavanaugh was recused)) and I was very curious how this would be handled. link for the article
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    Article V.
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