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Thread: Behind The Scenes At The 2 Trillion 'Coronavirus' Bailout - with Rep. Thomas Massie

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    Behind The Scenes At The 2 Trillion 'Coronavirus' Bailout - with Rep. Thomas Massie

    Behind The Scenes At The 2 Trillion 'Coronavirus' Bailout - with Rep. Thomas Massie

    Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) became "the most hated man in America" when he dared to demand that Congress actually vote on the biggest bailout of Wall Street in history - the two trillion dollar "coronavirus" bill. What happened behind the scenes and what are the dangers? Rep. Massie tells all in today's Liberty Report.
    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
    "Beware the Military-Industrial-Financial-Corporate-Internet-Media-Government Complex." - B4L update of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
    "Debt is the drug, Wall St. Banksters are the dealers, and politicians are the addicts." - B4L
    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul
    They are what they hate.” - B4L

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    Thanks for the video! Rep. Massie is on fire!
    "Diverse weights are an abomination unto the LORD, and a false balance is not good." - Proverbs 20:23

    "Lowering interest rates punishes people for saving, thus encouraging consumers and businesses to spend every penny they make...The Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies harm the average American by eroding the dollar’s purchasing power." - Dr. Ron Paul

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    Most hated? If this is true, then Americans are far more stupid and corrupt than even I thought.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Freedom will be stolen from you in a heartbeat if you do not behave as a wild and ravening beast pursuant to its protection.

    "Government" is naught but a mental construct, a script to which people meekly accept and play out their assigned roles by those with no authority to dictate such.

    Pray for reset.

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