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Thread: Cuba: U.S. embargo blocks coronavirus aid shipment from Asia

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    Cuba: U.S. embargo blocks coronavirus aid shipment from Asia

    Not sure how this would help the Trump admin during the pandemic but Trump's recent claim countries' government would benefit from the sanctions relief.
    Wont help the Trump admin nor America's image in the world. This dispute the fact that Cuba was the only nation that had send out its own doctors to Italy and some others into Serbia while the EU was doing nothing for others.

    This embargo is stupid and only hurts the Cubans its a shame that some Republicans are still stuck in the 1960s cold war era mindset. This is another area where Republicans fails badly their foreign policy is horrible of course the Liberals arent any better but really why do you need sanctions agaisnt countries you are trying to bring down during a pandemic?

    Why dont these idiots just get a grip and stop this childish war mongering world view?

    Cuba: U.S. embargo blocks coronavirus aid shipment from Asia

    HAVANA -- Cuban officials say a shipment of coronavirus aid from Asia's richest man, Jack Ma, has been blocked by the six-decade U.S. embargo on the island.

    Carlos M. Pereira, Cuba's ambassador to China, said on his blog this week that Ma's foundation tried to send Cuba 100,000 facemasks and 10 COVID-19 diagnostic kits last month, along with other aid including ventilators and gloves.

    Cuba was one of 24 countries in the region meant to receive the donations announced on March. 21 by the Jack Ma Foundation, which is sending similar aid to countries around the world, including the United States.

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    We haven't thrown a blockade around Cuba since 1961. So what this means is, Jack Ma is trying to buy American goods and ship them to Cuba?
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    Iran sanctions also not lifted during this pandemic.
    Sanctions and embargos abroad are where GOPA wing shines (besides Universal healthcare at home).

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