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Thread: Deconstructing the coronavirus narrative

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    Deconstructing the coronavirus narrative

    In university (many moons ago), I took an elective titled, Native American Literature. The class material, on its own, was actually quite interesting. I read a lot of literature that I would never have been exposed to but for this liberal arts class. In this sense, it was a positive experience. But, as you might guess, the professor was a cultural Marxist of the most aggressive variety -- a postmodernist.

    What is postmodernism? Funny that you should ask because nobody actually knows, not even postmodernists. It's just some "other" way of thinking. It's something different from whatever you knew before. No one knows what it actually is. But a good postmodernist will inform you that whatever definition you try to give it, is incorrect.

    Lacking any definition of what, exactly, postmodernism is (or is supposed to be), I proceeded by observation. I simply looked for the patterns of thought in the professor's discussion, class activities, assignments and grading. By observation, I began to perceive the kernel of what postmodernism really is: motivated reasoning. What is "motivated reasoning"? Well, motivated reasoning is the kind of reasoning you use when you have already decided what conclusion you are going to reach, and you just want an argument that will make it sound plausible. Obviously, marketing and propaganda are rich sources of motivated reasoning patterns. "Smoke this cigarette and you, too, will be rugged and handsome." "Wear this pair of shoes and you, too, will have preternatural athletic abilities." And so on.

    The essence of postmodern deconstruction, then, is not in trying to understand what an author is saying. This is merely the pretext, the exoteric level. Rather, postmodern deconstruction is about identifying the author's narrative. That is to say, it is about assigning a motive to the author's writings. This motive is the subtext, the esoteric level. Once the motive has been assigned, the substance of deconstruction consists in making explicit the author's implicit motivated reasoning.

    Of course, the absurdity of it all is the assumption, from the outset, that the author has some hidden motive. This, in turn, is where we start to see the dark fruits of "information warfare." The use of words as weapons transforms all forms of human communication into non-cognitive signals. A lion's roar is not poetry because it is purely functional. Its function is to intimidate competitors, warn away aggressors, and so on. Postmodernism reduces every mark made by humans on every piece of paper to purely functional signals. They are either meant to intimidate or fascinate. They are meant to alter behavior, speech and thought. But such marks are never a purely artistic expression in the classical sense of art (unmotivated manifestation of beauty).

    Sadly, as the world has transformed further and further into the image of the dystopian dreams of the Establishment, I have found myself relying more and more on the insights I made in that literature class. The news is not -- it is just information warfare. There are many targets (the Establishment is fraught with infighting) but when all the news channels begin to resonate in unison on a narrative, you can be sure that the target is the masses. Pick your favorite moment of "national unity" or "global unity". Without exception, these narratives are information warfare (sometimes called propaganda or "psyops"). They are textbook examples of motivated reasoning.

    What is the motive behind the coronavirus narrative? Well, it is quite obvious. Phillipine President Duterte has issued a shoot-to-kill order for anyone who interferes with police enforcing the lockdown. Bill Gates has indicated that large public gatherings "might not come back at all" until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed (which could be never) and widely deployed. It is obvious that the lockdown (including shutting down global borders and especially air-travel) is the motive. This is the esoteric level, the subtext. The virus is just the narrative, a purely superficial pretext for global disruption and lockdown.

    "Are you saying the coronavirus is fake, or that it was engineered?" Such questions only serve to further the narrative by distracting attention away from the subtext. The subtext (lockdown, economic takeover, border closures) is advanced no matter whether coronavirus is real or fake, whether it was engineered or came about naturally. So it literally does not matter whether it's fake or not, engineered or not.

    Next, we might ask what is the motive for the lockdown? There is no single, clear answer to this question that I can see. Whatever the specific motive or motives, the lockdown is an infinitely flexible tool that can be tailored to suit any specific needs. However, in broad outline, we know the Establishment's agenda since they have quite publicly explained their agenda, going back at least a century.

    As a reminder regarding the Establishment's agenda, let's take a look at the global Marxism-eugenics agenda outlined in The Geneticist's Manifesto, published in Nature in 1939 and signed by the notorious eugenicist Julian Huxley (among others). This is a very brief, two-page read and I encourage anyone who has not read it to do so. The astute reader will find that the six points mentioned in this document have been implemented globally, with rigor, over the eighty years since this was published. Nazism came, and went. The Cold War and the nuclear standoff between superpowers came, and went. The rise of international terrorism and the global war on terror came, and went. But the Marxist-eugenicist agenda has marched steadily on, completely immune to the vagaries of war, famine, plague and running terror.

    In closing, I want to clarify that I do not traffic in fear (which is the primary currency of the Establishment). This is not the time or place for fear-mongering. I view the state of the world from a spiritual standpoint. The Establishment does nothing on its own. It is blind without direction from another place. That is, the Establishment is beholden to the god it worships, which is the god of this world, the devil. When once this is correctly understood, the entire edifice of this world order becomes completely transparent because its motive is known. Everything is done as it is in order to carry out the wishes of the devil. Some people will laugh this off as "quaint, old-fashioned" thinking but it is quite the opposite. Meditate on the essence of malice. What, at its deepest root, is hatred? When you get this into your mind, you will understand the whole aim and end of the emerging world order. Unbounded, unending hatred. That is the esoteric motive; that is the subtext behind all other subtexts.

    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." -- George Orwell
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