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Thread: Long term seasonality of deaths - more people are dying in winter than in summer

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    Lightbulb Long term seasonality of deaths - more people are dying in winter than in summer

    Just a little bit of perspective: More people are dying in winter than in summer, every year. That itself has nothing to do with Covid19.
    Death rates are seasonal and affected by respiratory illnesses (influenza!, covid19 etc), depression, lack of sunlight and social contacts etc.

    The real question is: Are current death rates above the long term average?

    As you can see below, there are about 260k deaths during winter months in the US. The current total death toll since January of Corona is: 4000
    4000/260000 = 0.015 = 1.5% of deaths. RIP to the other 98.5% as well!

    The fluctuation of deaths by year is much bigger than 1.5%.

    Here is a long term monthly chart from 1980-2017

    And here is the relative distribution by months:

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    The two things that have not been confirmed so far that are concerning is the possibility of this virus being something that is reinfectable and that some individuals don't carry symptoms. The other one is infertility in men.

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