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Thread: COVID-19 Survivor Jim Santilli Blasts Michigan Governor For Banning Drug That Saved His Life

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    COVID-19 Survivor Jim Santilli Blasts Michigan Governor For Banning Drug That Saved His Life

    A survivor of the COVID-19, who nearly died from the virus last week, is repudiating Michigan Governor Gretchen Wilson for outlawing hydroxychloroquine, a drug that he attributes to saving his life, from doctors and pharmacists amid mass hysteria ignited by the global pandemic.

    Stupid, Stupid Governor!

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    Ya , Michigan needs a competent Gov for sure .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    There’s a reason, but they aren't going to tell the truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Had an interesting conversation with someone who used to take this drug regularly for arthritis. It may explain the panic by the pharmacy people. It turns out that at least in the US, shortages of this drug are common, and it is very expensive. Seems like it is probably is another case of one of those drugs that is dirt cheap in other countries, but it is being manipulated in the US. They limit supply, push up prices astronomically. Good old American health system.

    There is no free market in this drug. Probably mostly manufactured in India, and they cut us off. Media and politicians won't be reporting this part of the story. Doesn't fit their crony corporatism agenda.

    It's all the fault of nasty hoarders!
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