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Thread: Are Neocons Using YouTube to Co-Opt the RonPaulLibertyReport?

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    Are Neocons Using YouTube to Co-Opt the RonPaulLibertyReport?

    Anyone who watches content on YouTube knows that the platform will play another video after the video you wanted to watch is finished. This is automatic. But how is that next video selected?

    The official story will be that it is based on interests, and YouTube plays something that is similar or related somehow. But can someone or an organization purchase the ability to be play their content right after a certain video or channel? YouTube is a business, so it seems likely.

    How does this relate to neoconservatives? Because YouTube has been consistently playing videos from The Hoover Institute after the Ron Paul Liberty Report finishes. While the Hoover Institute videos put on a Tea Party or Constitutionalist style veneer, make no mistake that their agenda is neoconservative foreign policy, or what could be called teoconservatism (depending upon the guests of the day). The difference being that teocons do not automatically support big government and socialism as much as neoconservatives. They profess to be more free market capitalists, albeit globalists with a neoconservative foreign policy.

    Can they co-opt viewers of the Ron Paul Liberty Report?
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    I have no answers but...

    Iíve absolutely noticed this! Iím not always at my computer when I listen to the Liberty Report. It used to be, after I listened to Ronís latest video, youtube would automatically cue up the previous dayís video, and so on after that one. It was that way for a long time.

    One day this stopped. Instead, they began always cueing up crap I donít want to hear. If Iím not right there to shut it off, Iím stuck with it grating my ears, sometimes for several excruciating cycles!

    I havenít had any account with youtube since it merged with google and I never could actually ďsubscribeĒ to Ronís channel. For a while, I though that these forced video-views might be youtubeís way of punishing people who wonít sign up with them.

    I never paid much attention to who these videos were from, but picked up a CNN-level of untrustworthiness. They didnít seem the kind of persons Ron Paul would have chosen to gift with a ďlead-inĒ position (or lead-out? lead-to?) which increases view counts of their videos with involuntary views. Theyíre riding Ronís coat tails for view counts and there's commercials, too!

    When I listen to a song on youtube, the after-videos are still always other songs by that same artist. Old movie clips bring other scenes with the same actors, etc. Why wonít they let Ronís videos follow his own videos? How is money changing hands to make this happen? and arenít Ronís videos still demonetized? Yet, it would seem someone is paying to use them like advertising for their own agenda.

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    Not that this is really addressing the OP's point but there's a setting called "Autoplay" that you can turn off if you don't want another video to automatically play after the one you're currently watching ends.

    As for them trying to co-opt Ron's audience, I'm sure they are trying to.

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