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Thread: Great Ancap/voluntarist/autarchist philosophy book I found

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    Great Ancap/voluntarist/autarchist philosophy book I found

    “Are you tired of politics?

    Are you tired of having one view or another forced on you?

    Are you tired of an ever-growing government? strict laws? rising taxes? rising prices?

    Are you tired of navigating through complex political beliefs, identity politics, and political faux pas?

    Do you just want the room to be you? To express yourself, think for yourself, cooperate with others and pursue your goals, without being thwarted, controlled, and violated? if I don't harm other people, Do I need to be controlled?

    Can't there just be one simple way? Can't there be one simple, natural, system underneath the mess of politics and opinions? Can't there be a simple ideology that rejects war, violence, environmental destruction, racism, and deals with all of society's problems with no strings attached??


    The profoundly straightforward yet easily digestable manifesto of individualism as a political philosophy, this book defines, describes, and defends the beauty of the individual, the right to their mind, reason, and values in an increasingly collectivist world. Seeking to eliminate the idea of individualism and capitalism as irrational immorality, selfishness, and refusal to interact with others, the book paints a picture of individualism as undeniable human nature as well as the source of creativity, ingenuity, community, and social progress, pointing out that any belief, idea, organization, or action is fully individualist so long as it is done in free will.

    The author's debut as a political philosopher and the declaration of his philosophy, this book outlines, structures, and defends Autarchism, the belief that individuals are the owners and governments of themselves and heir property. The belief also commonly goes by the names of Anarcho-Capitalism, libertarianism, and voluntarism, which, in the book are described as a single belief: "individualism, pure and without exception". This book is to be a "catechism" of these beliefs. The book defends Autarchism in various new, simple, and inventive ways, influenced most heavily by Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, and Max Stirner. This book also goes deep into the nature and anatomy of the state, and how it operates.

    This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn of this ideology, defend or debate individualism and libertarianism, propagate libertarianism, have a deeper moral and philosophical understanding of individualism, libertarianism, Anarchism, or capitalism in general, or just to learn more about different political philosophies.“

    It’s on amazon and it’s like a dollar last time I checked it was on sale for free. It’s “Individualist manifesto” by “Elijah M”

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    Thanks, I will check it out to see if it’s an easy enough read. If it is I will share it with members of my community.

    Libertarian is an impractical philosophy. The Agorist takes that philosophy and makes it practical for day to day life. Which is why I am an Agorist.

    It is short and sweet and also free ;-)
    “The right to life is the source of all rights—and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.”

    Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3)

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