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Thread: City Sues Drug Manufacturer Mallinckrodt Over 97,500% Price Increase

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    City Sues Drug Manufacturer Mallinckrodt Over 97,500% Price Increase

    The city of Marietta, Georgia is suing drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt after Mallinckrodt increased the price of the drug Acthar by 97,500%.

    The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims one city employee needs the drug Acthar, which is used to treat seizures in small children.

    "Acthar used to cost $40, but Mallinckrodt has raised the price of the drug to over $39,000 per vial," the city claims in the lawsuit. "This eye-popping 97,500% price increase is the result of unlawful and unfair conduct by Mallinckrondt. The city has expended over $2 million for just one patient covered by the city's self-funded health plan...."

    Atlanta pharmacist Ira Katz said Acthar is what's called a "biologic" and they can be classified as specialty drugs. "They put them into the specialty class, and the prices are outrageous, just outrageous," Katz said.
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    Good more States should do this! Then the Big pHARMa will beg congress, like they did in the 80's, to set up a special court to oversee lawsuits and excuse them of any liability.
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