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Thread: Congressman Massie and Senator Paul Joint Town Hall

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    Congressman Massie and Senator Paul Joint Town Hall

    1 hour long. Rand and Massie taking questions!

    Topics covered:

    - 2A


    -Department of Education


    -National debt/deficit

    -Balanced budgets

    -FISA court

    -Red flag laws

    -Penny Plan/Big spending bills
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    Massie to replace Mcconnell 2026

    Rand and Thomas both say they've talked to POTUS about iraq/afghanistan and that he wants to get out.

    Thomas said he believes POTUS wants to leave

    Thomas played the rules to rename a bill into "a bill to kick the can down the road and other purposes" and got 62 votes. 4-5 democrats. At the end of the day, the whip team "beat it down to 47 votes".
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    @Ehanced_Deficit's real agenda on RPF :
    DNCIA-SB (Soros, Brennan)

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