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Thread: Nick Fuentes’ America First channel deleted by YouTube

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    Angry Nick Fuentes’ America First channel deleted by YouTube

    So if you oppose mass immigration & you support a america First non interventionist foreign policy you get banned.
    I don't agree with Nick Fuentes on every issue he is wrong on some economics issues.

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    Youtube has such a bias towards Liberals. It's not like they try hiding that.
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    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Conservative Washington Times is not giving Fuentes any support.

    Mr. Fuentes and his “Groypers” are not conservatives by any stretch of the imagination, nor can conservatism be adapted to incorporate their platform of white grievance identity politics, conspiracism, anti-Semitism and resentment. Mr. Fuentes runs a YouTube channel called “America First,” and lately has begun, with his acolytes, harassing and interrupting conservatives at their speaking events — exactly the same tactics the far-left adopted in the late 1960s against influential conservatives such as William F. Buckley Jr.

    Mr. Fuentes is an avowed racist, homophobe and anti-Semite who questions whether the Holocaust happened. Calling his rhetoric an ideology is generous. Mr. Fuentes relentlessly singles out American Jews for attack and conspiracy-theorizing, and promotes the boring old trope that American Jews trick the United States to fight wars for Israel. The world’s most populous democracy is referred to as “smelly, open-defecation India.” He and his supporters equate interracial relationships to bestiality and advocate for Jim Crow-style segregation laws.

    If you spend a few minutes watching Mr. Fuentes’ online ranting (I don’t recommend it), you’ll quickly realize that the Groypers are merely a personality- and grievance-driven social media campaign, not a political platform. They style themselves courageous truth-tellers being suppressed by mainstream conservatives terrified of the persuasiveness of their arguments. In reality, most of Mr. Fuentes’ rhetoric consists of unintelligible rants against actually influential young conservatives such as Ben Shapiro. His envy is palpable.

    Which conservatives support these antics or subscribe to the hatred of the Groypers? None. Mr. Fuentes says the “new world” will be organized by race and ethnicity, not by ideas or principles. It is hard to imagine a program — a cultural revolution ushering in a society animated by racial and religious hatred — more anathema to the past 250 years of conservatism, from Burke to Tocqueville to Reagan.

    Mr. Fuentes lambastes prominent conservatives from David Koch, the alleged “enemy of the white race” who is “burning in hell forever,” to Donald Trump Jr., who a group of Fuentes supporters booed off the stage at an event hosted by Turning Point USA, the pro-Trump student group. Even Congressman Dan Crenshaw, the former Navy SEAL, is nothing but “scum.”

    The truth is, Mr. Fuentes and his adolescent acolytes don’t actually see themselves as conservatives — rather, they claim the mantle of “true conservatism” because it helps their real goal, which is gaining media attention. It’s so much more dramatic and exciting if the story is about a fight within conservatism than a group of cranks trying to get media attention by provoking fights with legitimate political leaders. And it doesn’t hurt that the Groypers personify, in the minds of many progressives, the ugly racist reality lurking beneath the surface of conservatism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Conservative Washington Times is not giving Fuentes any support.
    This article is bull$#@!. But its not a surprise to me that you promote left wing Propaganda.
    He didn't deny the holocaust. He is not a racist & he doesn't hate all jews.
    He is right about Dan Crenshaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
    This article is bull$#@!. But its not a surprise to me that you promote left wing Propaganda.
    He didn't deny the holocaust. He is not a racist & he doesn't hate all jews.
    He is right about Dan Crenshaw.
    Washington Times is not a "left wing" publication.

    How about "The Blaze"? Another "left wing" Publication?

    VIDEO: Ben Shapiro harassed by Holocaust denier as he was out with his pregnant wife and children

    Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was accosted by Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes on Friday as he was walking with his pregnant wife and young children to a conservative convention in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    In a video shared on Twitter by journalist Andy Ngo, Shapiro, 35, is seen crossing a street with his family as they were heading to TPUSA's Student Action Summit where he is scheduled to deliver remarks along with other conservative leaders, including President Donald Trump, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck.

    Shapiro was holding one of his young children with one arm and pushing a stroller with the other, as his expectant wife walked alongside them, when Fuentes approached the family with a handful of male supporters, known as "groypers."

    "Ben! It's great to see you. Why did you give a 45-minute speech about me at Stanford and you won't even look in my direction?" Fuentes asked. But the Daily Wire's editor-in-chief who ignored him.

    A woman is heard telling Fuentes: "Hey, hey, hey! He's with his kids!"

    Fuentes, who is 21 years-old and reported to have "a long history of racist and anti-Semitic comments," continued following Shapiro about 10 feet behind him and yelled, "I know you're with your family but I can't get to you anywhere else!"

    "That's our free speech warrior everybody. Champion of the battle of ideas!" Fuentes added as Shapiro walked away.

    A woman approached the far-right provocateur and sternly told him: "He's with his children!" Several male voices are heard in the video discouraging Fuentes from approaching Shapiro.

    Fuentes then turned to a small group of young men who were holding cameras next to him and said, "I guess he's just like Palestinians using human shields, right?"
    Video at link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Washington Times is not a "left wing" publication.
    I consider Neocons as Left wing!

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