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Thread: Stefan Molyneux's response to Trump S.O.T.U. will trigger the lot of you's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post

    I think fascist and false claims about ascribing divinity to Trump are worse but I'll remember what you said.
    Report yourself.
    "The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear - fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety."
    H. L. Mencken

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3volution 3.0 View Post
    The Republican Party is a personality cult built around a barely literate reality TV character without an ideology or other higher-level thoughts but with generally leftist instincts; his election was an indictment of Western culture, ironically. The Democrat Party, when it was last in power, was a personality cult built around a modestly literate, albeit very badly educated, pseudo-intellectual doofus. When the latter was in power, the GOP continuously published propaganda about an impending coup, seeing Communist-Muslims (sic) around every corner. Since the former has been in power, the Democrat Party has done the same sort of thing, seeing Russian/NAZIs/etc around every corner. The loyal rank-and-file of both parties are highly irrational people, entirely divorced from reality.
    I have been eternally baffled that people canít see that if they play this ďpartyĒ game that all they become are the diametric opposites of what they are against. Itís a basic tribal instinct used to create a false sense of value based in perceived common morals. Each side wishes to impose itís ďsuperiorĒ will upon the other and justify it as the only moral solution. A devine mandate if you will. Both sides fervently believe that the otherís logic is faulty and deserve no quarter. A religion.

    They say the lines are drawn and that we must pick sides, but I see the reality of the walls closing in on personal liberty every day and the walls donít care about their party affiliations. The only solution is to claim yourself and count on no other human being to save you. Compete in this mother $#@!er! Peace out! Hell yes I am bringing peace out back, baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleganz View Post
    FOX business John Stossel, I get would be very competitive for the #2 slot but hes no longer on Fox though periodically puts out content, his influence used to be very high but has diminished a lot due to his audience shrinking. Lew Rockwell? Don't be delusional, Lew is not influential, he's just there.

    Wow some of you guys really have no idea what influential means.

    - How persuasive you are
    - The reach and scope of your persuasion.

    Its amazing how little libertarians try and put themselves in others' shoes. You only think the world revolves around you and your feels and if you think somebody is influential to you, then they must be to the rest of the world. Rothbard? outside of RPF and seldomly attended libertarian meetings, how influential is that guy really?

    Yea I knew exactly what your response would be, thanks for confirming.

    Now you may return to defending Communist Bernie Sanders.
    Rothbard is the reason the American libertarian movement even exists today.

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