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Thread: Answering Chief Oyarde's Question

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    Answering Chief Oyarde's Question


    From another thread:

    I was just thinking of AF . I saw a 1" x 17" ship auger bit today , what do they do with those ?

    Used for pilot holes in wooden boat construction for planking, sheathing, keelson to ribs, bow and so on.

    Older ships were pegged, newer builds - 19th century and later were bolted.

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    Excellent . I saw it at an auction . I thought about buying it and just hanging it on the wall .

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    They spent a couple years using all traditional tools and methods to rebuild this ship in San Diego- the San Salvador. Juan Cabrillo was the first to sail up the western coast of the US. The original was built in Brazil. The heavy equipment you see was them moving it into the water.

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    Looks like an overkill for when Oyarde collects wild rice on his reservation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    Looks like an overkill for when Oyarde collects wild rice on his reservation.
    The wild rice roundup is very exciting to watch!

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