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But this brief pause referred only to the period July 25-August 5. In fact, the "brief pause" ended up being 58 days, which is hardly brief.

This clause was omitted from the last 6 GAO notices, suggesting that additional delay might affect DOD's execution of expenditure plans that had already been determined and communicated to Congress.

Not really. 2 USC 682 includes in the definition of deferral "withholding or delaying the obligation or expenditure of budget authority (whether by establishing reserves or otherwise) provided for projects or activities".

Except that what OMB said it was working on was to ensure that the funds were not spent “in a manner that could conflict with the President’s foreign policy", something the GAO claimed is impermissible.

It may be that this is just a pissing contest between OMB and GAO and that such differences have occurred in the past. But given the fact that the Administration has zero credibiity, one has to take OMB's claims with a lot of salt.

The OMB has no credibility along with the entire left and the House.

Trump did nothing wrong, just read the entire post again.