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    Umbrella gun


    My name is Daniel Kun. I am 23 years old. I live in Hungary I released from prison 10 months ago Now I am home prison for 1 more weeks.

    I made a zip gun that was built into an umbrella. I was sentenced to four years in prison for illegal firearm and explosive possession.
    I have been intrested in weapons since my childhood. I had many weapons in my life and I made many of them myself.
    I made muzzleloaders, rifles, shotguns, pistols, cannons, bows and crossbows. Some of them were legal, some were illegal.
    I didn't really care about the legal side of my hobby. Unfortunately this it's a serious crime in my country.
    When I was 21 the police found out about it and the swat team raided my house. The police found one 22lr rifle, two 22lr umbrella zip guns, 28pcs 22lr ammunition and 16 grams of HMTD explosive. I was sentenced to four years beacause of these things...
    I was released in March, I'm 23 now.
    I was in prison for 22 months. And 10 months Home Prison. I spent all my money on lawyers, i lose my jobs, I am being monitored by the police 24/7. My criminal record will prevent jobs...My biggest problems are the criminal costs: 2.100.000 HUF, around 7000 USD. It's a lot of money for me, it's about a whole year income in my country. (in my country one month income 450-650 EUR... )
    I think that people with liberal thinking about guns would help me. Unfortunately crowdfunding sites do not work in my country.
    So I ask for help from the guns forums. I don't wanna go off. I just want to find people like me. Who understand my situation.
    7000 usd it's a big money. Half is also very helpful for me. I would like to get 3 usd from 1000 people.

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    Dear viewers if you would like to help me, please donate to my paypal pool:

    And finally I translated the news report about my case.

    My contact information:


    Youtube: Dr.Kun Dániel


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