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Thread: "Impossible Whopper" contains 18 MILLION times the estrogen of a beef Whopper

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    Exclamation "Impossible Whopper" contains 18 MILLION times the estrogen of a beef Whopper

    Eat your Soylent Green and become chemically castrated.

    Veterinarian says the Impossible Whopper ‘will make men grow breasts because of soy proteins'

    There's a new claim that plant-based burgers, like Burger King's Impossible Whopper, cause men to grow breasts

    Dr. James Stangle alleges the soy protein in the meat causes estrogen to increase

    The argument that soy-products cause feminization in men has been circulating for years

    Marion Nestle, a nutrition professor, maintains that soy should be eaten in moderation

    By Lauren Edmonds For

    Published: 11:51 EST, 28 December 2019 | Updated: 14:38 EST, 28 December 2019

    Amid the growing popularity of plant-based products, a doctor of veterinary medicine has suggested that the Burger King's Impossible Whopper has so much estrogen from soy that it could make men grow breasts.

    In a report in Tri-State Livestock News, Dr. James Stangle of South Dakota rails against the alternative burger, made by Impossible Foods, and its use of soy protein as a main ingredient.

    Strangle compares the soy-based Impossible Whopper to the beef Whopper, claiming that the plant-based version has 44 milligrams of estrogen while the original only contains 2.5 nanograms.

    'Now let me refresh your metric system. There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in one milligram (mg). That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper,' he writes.

    An article claims that Burger King's Impossible Whopper has so much estrogen in its plant-based meat that it could cause men to grow breasts

    'Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer [cattle that is raised for beef] to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.'

    Despite Stangle's claims, there has been little evidence that has definitively proven these claims.

    Conservative outlets like and National File have also perpetuated these claims, with Tom Pappert, editor in chief of the National File, backing up the allegations.

    'In short, the Impossible Burger is a genetically modified organism filled with calorie-dense oils that can make a man grow breasts if eaten in sufficient quantity,' he wrote.

    As pointed out by the Washington Post, Tri-State Livestock News is a trade publication for the livestock industry and its 'successful' publication is due to 'the long-term support from the publication’s stockmen and agribusiness customer base.'

    It would amiss to not acknowledge that thousands of cattle ranchers across the country have reportedly declared war against on their alternative competitors like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

    Stangler's latest critique of soy-based food is just one in a long line of arguments against the mock meat industry and their products.
    The patty is made with soy protein, coconut oil, potato protein, sunflower oil and heme, a plant-based ingredient that makes the burger 'taste like meat', according to Impossible Foods

    The patty is made with soy protein, coconut oil, potato protein, sunflower oil and heme, a plant-based ingredient that makes the burger 'taste like meat', according to Impossible Foods

    The Environmental Health Perspectives report that soy contain a high concentration of isoflavones, which 'belong to a class of compounds generally known as phytoestrogens.'

    These plant compounds are thought to be 'similar in function to human estrogen but with much weaker effects.'

    New York University nutrition professor Marion Nestle told the Washington Post that the apprehension surrounding soy has been an ongoing point of debate.

    Nestle recalls reviewing a plethora of research material for her 2006 book, 'What to Eat.'

    One all but said 'soy is poison,' while another resource maintains that, 'soy is the best health food ever.'

    'Whether this is good, bad or indifferent depends entirely on who you read and what you read. There is an enormous, enormous, enormous amount of literature on soy estrogens, and it comes to sort of baffling conclusions,' she said.

    'Some studies show harm, some studies show benefits. What do you do in a situation like that?'

    According to Nestle, the best thing to do is look at cultures who have historically consumed soy products.

    She said: 'Asians have been eating soy products for millennia and don’t seem to be any the worse for it. They have among the longest lifespans and best health, at least in classic diets.'

    'There is a special concern about . . . men and boys who eat soy products, but again, if you look at populations that eat a lot of soy products, there is no evidence of particular problems. No, they don’t grow breasts.'

    Nutrition Action, a website generated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, say soy might have gotten a bad rep when a medical journal reported that a 60-year-old Texas man complained of sore, enlarged breasts and decreased libido.

    The 2008 report said the man's elevated estrogen levels, which were eight times higher than the top of the normal range, were caused by his consumption of soy milk.

    The man allegedly drank three quarts a day, an amount that Nutrition Action says, 'would have given him a daily dose of 360 mg of isoflavones, about 10 times what the average man in Asia consumes.'

    When he stopped drinking soy milk, his estrogen levels lowered to normal levels.

    Soy products like soy-based infant formulas, which had become popular with parents, cause the most unease.

    The National Institute of Environmental Health acknowledges that despite there being no documented health concerns, infants are entering developmental stages.

    'It is recognized that infants go through developmental stages that are sensitive to estrogens. Therefore, infants are more likely than adults to be vulnerable to the estrogen-like effects of the phytoestrogens in soy,' they said.

    In animal studies, soy product has indicated, 'that health effects of possible concern include early onset of puberty in females and alterations in development of breast tissue.'

    However, the Harvard Public School of Health warns that these studies should not be the basis of an individual's decision.

    'Soy may be metabolized differently in animals, so the outcomes of animal studies may not be applicable to humans,' they say.

    They also assert that soy 'may be broken down and used by the body differently in different ethnic groups, which is why individuals from some countries who eat a lot of soy appear to benefit from the food.'

    When deciding how to manage soy products in your diet, Nestle says moderation is key.

    'My take on soy products is that they’re foods like any other, and like any other, they should be eaten in moderation,' she said.

    'Eating it once in a while is unlikely to be harmful. Eating it every day and having it as a main source of calories, I don’t know anybody who does that.'
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    "Unity, for the sake of unity alone, is a fool's objective.

    Who and what are you "uniting" with?

    I would much rather be divided by the truth than united by lies." - Seth Dillon and Anti Federalist

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    I will no longer eat at any fast-food burger joint that sells an "incredible/impossible/whatever" burger. Over lunch about 6 months ago, I stopped at Carl's Jr. I was in a hurry, grabbed the bag and drove off. To my shock and horror, I realized after the first bite that this was certainly not a beef burger. I contemplated turning back but I had to get back to work in a hurry. The taste was tolerable, but it wasn't beef and no one who has eaten a beef burger could confuse it with beef. I could either finish the burger, or skip lunch, so I figured I might as well finish it. If that were the end of the story, well, I might still eat at Carl's Jr. from time to time, despite their error. But the real trouble started the next day. It turns out that whatever is in that "incredible" patty is basically indigestible and passed in a brick having approximately the consistency of drywall. As you can imagine, that was not a happy day for me. Not eating that dog-food ever, not even by mistake. The mere possibility that a MW line-cook can accidentally slap down the wrong patty is enough to nix my visits to your burger joint until that incredible, indigestible carpet-foam not even suitable for animal consumption is taken off the menu.

    Note that I'm not a beef snob. I've eaten veggie burgers at high-end restaurants before. Spiced well, they taste quite delectable (though, obviously, not beef), and they are digestible. The fast-food chains have another agenda, so sayonara BK, CJ and anybody else who starts trying to peddle your foam-industry recycle as "food". And it's a goodbye without tears, so don't be thinking "Oh, he'll be back." I shouldn't be eating fast-food, anyway.
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    I've never had anything from Burger King. The only time I entered one of theirs restaurants is when I had to use the bathroom.
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    Impossible Foods Will Cut 20% Of Its Workforce
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    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    I've head, guys who have those never get much done, because they are so busy playing with them all the time.

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    At Burger King everybody's trans!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.3D View Post
    I've head, guys who have those never get much done, because they are so busy playing with them all the time.
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