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Thread: Rand Paul unveils annual Festivus list of wasteful government spending

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    Rand Paul unveils annual Festivus list of wasteful government spending

    A $500,000 'golden potty,' $22 million on Serbian cheese, $467,000 to study frog mating calls and a $84,375 Bob Dylan statue: Republican senator Rand Paul unveils annual Festivus list of wasteful government spending

    -Sen. Rand Paul dropped his Festivus Report 2019, which detailed $50,463,462,292.35 in government spending he was aggrieved about

    -Paul celebrates Festivus, the December 23 holiday made popular in the 1990s by the popular sitcom 'Seinfeld'

    -In this year's report he knocked the government for spending $500,000 on a self-cleaning toilet at a D.C.-area Metro station

    -He pointed to a $22 million effort to get Serbian cheese up to international standards, while the U.S. is experiencing a historic cheese surplus

    -And he knocked NIH studies, including one that looked into whether there was a link between drinking alcohol and going to the emergency room


    Over $50bn in waste this year.

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    The comments on twitter are brutal.
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    Rand is a Great American .
    Do something Danke . Zippy approves this message .

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