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Thread: Rand Paul makes Drudge (again)

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    Rand Paul makes Drudge (again)

    Rand Paul fears impeachment will 'dumb down' country...



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    Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, said Sunday he worried that the Democratic effort to impeach President Trump would “dumb down and destroy the country.”
    He characterized the push to remove Mr. Trump from office as a “disagreement over policy” led by Democrats who “don’t like President Trump, they don’t like his demeanor, so they’ve decided to sort of criminalize politics.”
    “But I don’t think it’s a good thing,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I don’t think it’s a good day for the country. I think it’s a sad day because I hope it doesn’t devolve into that every president like in different parts of Latin America where we either impeach or throw presidents in jail because we don’t like their politics. I think that will really dumb down and destroy the country.”

    Asked if he could carry out “impartial justice” in the Senate, as required in the impeachment oath, Mr. Paul said, “I would say that my oath is to the Constitution.”
    “We’ve seen the evidence, we’re going to hear the evidence repeated, but we’re not going to see any new evidence,” Mr. Paul said. “I think all of America has seen this. What we’ve found is that this is a very partisan exercise.”

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