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Thread: QE4 Started & Nobody Noticed

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    I think it was at the last Fed meeting at Jackson Hole I saw this interview with a guy from India. The interviewer asked him something like: "Why can't you just lower rates (in India) to promote growth?" He replied: "We're not like you, we have to worry about inflation."

    It's like we're in this fantasy world where the laws of economics have been suspended. But it can't last forever.
    And it won't; the dollar lost nearly 10% against the euro, franc, etc, at the height of the crisis.

    It will keep losing more as these crises unfold; more importantly, the dollar and its competitors are all losing against gold.

    It's possible that the dollar will beat the euro, etc, for a time, while all devalue against gold.

    Gold being an international money, the only true one, it will beat all the devaluing state currencies, as it has for years.

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    Reverse repos aka reverse QE aka "tapering" already underway?
    "Let it not be said that we did nothing."-Ron Paul

    "We have set them on the hobby-horse of an idea about the absorption of individuality by the symbolic unit of COLLECTIVISM. They have never yet and they never will have the sense to reflect that this hobby-horse is a manifest violation of the most important law of nature, which has established from the very creation of the world one unit unlike another and precisely for the purpose of instituting individuality."- A Quote From Some Old Book

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