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Not everyone can earn their money in the same ways.
Some people are smarter than others and some people have better opportunities than others.
Brains has nothing to do with it. It takes more brains to be a brain surgeon than it does to sell on eBay or buy rental property. Guess who pays the higher percentage of taxes?

If we are going to have an income tax then EVERYONE should pay exactly the same rate no matter how they make their money.
Government should not be picking winners and losers and distorting the economy.
Business income is based on profit. It wouldn't be fair to tax someone on $1 million if it took that person $900K to generate that profit. That should be quite obvious to everyone. But once you acknowledge that fact, getting income down to zero becomes an academic exercise. That said, taxes shouldn't be based on income. Has Trump proposed abolishing the income tax? I have not seen that proposal. Please link if such a Trump proposal exists.