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Thread: Russia - Bans sale of devices without Russian software

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    Russia - Bans sale of devices without Russian software

    What just happened? Russia is well-known for its controversial digital policies, but the country has now passed a law that will prohibit the sale of devices that don't come pre-configured with Russian software. This will come into effect in July 2020 and will affect everything from smartphones to PCs and smart TVs.

    The new law will come into effect in July 2020, and will make it mandatory for manufacturers of smart devices to pre-install Russian-made software on them before selling them to consumers. Failing to do that will result in fines of up to 200,000 rubles (around $3,125) and repeat offenders will be banned from selling their products in the country.
    This will have a great impact on companies like Apple, who are very reluctant to install third-party software services on their devices. To be clear, the new law doesn't mean the company would have to replace its own default apps, but it will be required to also pre-install any alternatives offered by Russian software companies.
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    They will be able to spy on their citizens and other countries won't.
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