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Thread: Virginia ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Movement Just Getting Started

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    Why This Antifa Group Is Siding With Thousands of Pro-Gun Conservatives In Virginia

    A huge rally against gun control is shaping up to be a bizarre meeting of the minds.

    When gun lovers rally in front of the Virginia Capitol in Richmond next week, the local chapter of antifa will be there too. But their members won’t be wearing all black, and they don’t plan to douse right-wingers in milkshakes or Silly String.

    Instead, local antifa will join thousands of conservatives who are expected to descend on Richmond that day in protesting pending gun-control legislation introduced by Democratic lawmakers.

    Antifa Seven Hills, based in Richmond, are opposing the slew of gun bills introduced by the newly Democratic Legislature since November, because they say those types of laws are used primarily to criminalize poor people, minorities, and leftists — and to bolster law enforcement’s power.

    “I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” said Antifa Seven Hills spokesperson James (who asked that his name be withheld to avoid getting doxxed online). “Like taking guns away from black people, because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.”

    The local antifa chapter’s engagement in this issue is another example of the resurgence of pro-gun leftists in America and yet more evidence that the gun-rights debate is growing increasingly politically diffuse and nuanced beyond simply being a GOP issue. Under the Trump administration and in response to the emergence of an emboldened far-right movement, leftist gun groups have surged. For example, the Socialist Rifle Association was formed in 2018 and today has over 50 chapters across the country. Similarly, Redneck Revolt, a leftist gun group that formed in 2016, claims at least 45 chapters nationwide.

    “This is our fight as much as anyone else’s,” James, who identifies as an anarchist, added. “It’s our state, and we are left largely out of the debate. The presence of an armed left is not discussed, it’s not understood.”

    Antifa and conservative gun-rights activists would seem to be unlikely bedfellows; anyone who’s tuned into cable news in the last few years has watched scenes of political violence unfold between the hard-left and right-wingers in places like Portland, New York City, Boston, and Berkley. But in the case of Antifa Seven Hills, they believe they’ve got more in common with working-class white Virginians, regardless of their political bent, than they do with many of the moderate Democrats who helped their party win control of the Legislature in November, for the first time since 1994.

    The shared skepticism of political moderates and authority is why Antifa Seven Hills sees the January 20 rally as an opportunity to extend an olive branch to other gun owners — at least those who don’t align with the far-right militias or white supremacists who are also expected to show up to the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    Yes I do. If the State wants control, no sheriff going to beat the state.
    What about 90+ counties and 30 or so cities and towns? They need to be organized as a united front against the state.
    You've got Sharia patrols in the USA..?

    No, not in America, only in the big cities. there are no americans there, only democrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by susano View Post
    What about 90+ counties and 30 or so cities and towns? They need to be organized as a united front against the state.
    If the state wants control nothing will stop them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    If the state wants control nothing will stop them.

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    Monday, January 20, is Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Lobby Day. It is not VCDL’s Protest Day.

    There is a distinct difference between the two.

    Trending: Virginia: Crisis "Actors" Sought Ahead Of Northam's Lobby Day Trap

    Lobby Day is about, well, lobbying – sending a message to the General Assembly and to the Governor, Attorney General, and the Lt. Governor. That message is simple: no more gun control that in any way, shape, or form negatively affects law-abiding gun owners. Bills that go after criminals or bills that are beneficial to gun owners are fine.

    While there have been some verbal threats by the Democrat leadership to push major gun control down the throats of Virginia’s gun owners and some very bad bills already filed to back up that threat, NOTHING has happened yet and won’t until after January 8th 2020. And perhaps it won’t happen at all if we press hard enough.

    The second amendment sanctuary movement, with its absolutely massive turnouts of gun owners, is sending a deafening message to lawmakers ahead of Lobby Day. On top of that, we now believe the size of the crowd on Lobby Day could be absolutely incredible, possibly historic if gun owners from around the state follow through and attend as we believe they will. You will absolutely want to be a part of this!


    Various militia groups from Virginia and nearby states have graciously volunteered to provide security. With a large Capitol, Richmond, and State police presence, not to mention enough citizens armed with handguns to take over a modern mid-sized country, we have the security base covered nicely. That said, we welcome our militia brothers and sisters to be part of making the day a success! Some militia groups are looking to take canned food donations during Lobby Day and deliver them to a Richmond Food Bank. Please contribute.

    Long Guns

    If you are asking how you can help with VCDL’s mission, carrying long guns at Lobby Day is not helpful – it is a distraction. Virginia Citizens Defense League’s important messages inevitably get lost as the press rushes to get pictures of anyone carrying an AR or AK. The stories then become about the rifle, not Virginia Citizens Defense League’s agenda. You can set your watch by it. Long guns are not easy to carry in a crowd, either. VCDL needs its voice heard loud and clear in order to able to stop the onslaught of gun-control bills.

    Laws you need to know for carry in Richmond

    You can’t have a magazine in a centerfire rifle or pistol that holds more than 20 rounds unless you have a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). You must also have a Virginia CHP if the centerfire rifle or pistol has a threaded barrel or a folding stock. Click here to see the code section, which also covers similar restrictions on shotguns: 18.2-287.4

    Open carry without a CHP is legal in Virginia, but watch the restrictions in the previous paragraph.

    You need a CHP to carry in the General Assembly or Capitol Building. Once through security, you can carry openly or concealed in the buildings. You cannot carry in the gallery over the Senator Floor. Keep an eye on these alerts. Should any of this change, we will notify you here.
    Virginia Citizens Defense League Lobby Day is a peaceful event about gun rights and NOTHING ELSE

    We are NOT there to have arguments with the other side. They lobby, we lobby, and never the two shall meet. Just ignore them.

    And we are not there to push any other agenda. Our total focus is on protecting our right to keep and bear arms. Period. This is not about flags, statues, history, etc. Just guns.

    If you somehow find yourself being harassed by the other side, don’t engage them. They could well be baiting you and recording what you do for propaganda purposes. If necessary, go find a police officer and let them take care of the person causing the disturbance. Otherwise, just ignore them and go about your business.

    VCDL has a great relationship with the Capitol Police, the Richmond Police, the Virginia State Police, and most other law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth. We welcome their presence and are glad they are there to keep everything peaceful, while we work on the job at hand.

    This should be a great event, with freedom-loving Americans from all walks of life standing should-to-should to protect our most precious civil right – the right of self-defense. See you there!

    VCDL Issues a press release. TLDR = Don't bring guns.

    It's a trap. Charlottesville 2.0. Don't fall for it.

    1) Don't bring guns.
    2) ANTIFA will be there. They are not there to support you.
    3) There will be government plants pretending to be 2A supporters.
    4) If somebody tries to provoke you. Do not engage or respond.
    5) Only respond if you are physically attacked.
    6) Have camera equipment ready to film. If ANTIFA starts something, or a government plant starts something, you have it on video.
    7) If you can stream, store the video to an offsite server, or save to a thumb drive/micro sd card, please do so. If the police take your phone, they can delete the video on your phone, but they cannot delete the video on the offsite server. If you have video equipment that saves to a thumb drive or micro sd card, hand the thumb drive/micro sd to a buddy. Place an empty thumb drive or micro sd card into your video equipment. If the police take your camera, they won't have the video.

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    IMPORTANT REQUEST: We need 10,000 patriots to fill the Capitol grounds for Monday's rally!

    Unfortunately, the Virginia Supreme Court just said they did not have enough information on the stay denied by the lower court to issue their own stay, so the Governor's illegal gun-ban on Capitol grounds is going to stand for this event.

    Here is what we need to do on Monday to make the rally a success:

    VCDL needs at least 10,000 members/gun owners to commit to "taking one for the team'" by entering the Capitol grounds unarmed around 10 am and being in place for the rally by 10:45 am. Those who were lobbying will already be unarmed, so we urge them to be part of the 10,000 inside the fencing. NOTE: knives with folding metal blades less than 3-inches long are ARE permitted both in the General Assembly AND on the Capitol grounds.
    For every one gun owner on the Capitol grounds, we need another two to five people outside the Capitol grounds's fence on 9th Street. Those doing so can be legally armed.
    If you can commit to being one of our needed 10,000 unarmed members inside the fence, please help us by asking several of your family and friends to be your designated armed escort to the gates and to stand outside the fenced area to watch over us.


    We are separating our responsibilities, in this otherwise untenable and unconstitutional situation foisted on gun owners by Northam. Gun owners standing, both inside and outside of the fence, ensure that the Capitol grounds and the surrounding area is filled to capacity to hear our speakers and it will make a great visual for the cameras!

    For those who are going to be on the Capitol grounds, the less items you bring along, the quicker and more efficient the screening.

    VCDL will have loudspeakers so that those outside the fence will be able to hear. The event will also be broadcast live on WRVA radio, 1140 AM /96.1 FM.


    We ask everyone to follow the temporary Capitol grounds rules. There is NO need for an act of civil disobedience to achieve standing for a court fight. We already have standing.

    We still will have our day in court to fully debate the governor's unconstitutional overreach in just a few short weeks.

    Thank you very much for your support and understanding. The Governor and his cronies would like nothing better than to see the Capitol grounds empty, with the speakers talking only to themselves. We simply cannot let that happen.


    Arrive temporarily UNARMED and go INSIDE the fenced area on the Capitol grounds or
    Stand with us, LEGALLY ARMED if you so choose, just OUTSIDE the fence and watch over your brothers and sisters inside the fence
    Either way, we'll see you there!


    Monday is going to be a day of lobbying, with a peaceful rally. All law-abiding citizens are invited. The Capitol, State, and Richmond police forces will be providing strong security. We thank them in advance for helping make sue that the event is a safe and fun event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teenlibert_1776 View Post
    good, we need states to nullify ALL gun laws now and counties etc
    When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? - Miguel de Cervantes, (Don Quixote)

    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntarist View Post
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Federal Reserve Notes of patriotic central banks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    If the state wants control nothing will stop them.
    I vote as hard as I can.
    When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? - Miguel de Cervantes, (Don Quixote)

    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntarist View Post
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Federal Reserve Notes of patriotic central banks

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