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    Purple Fence(s)

    Purple fences are popping up all over the state of Texas and itís not just a vibrant color trend for the upcoming spring. According to Western Journalism, the practice of painting fences purple has a significant meaning that sends a message on behalf of landowners looking to make their sentiments of trespassers known. It has been reported that the color is being used as a visual form of communication to tell trespassers that they are not allowed on private property. In 1997, the law was passed in Texas and now itís becoming more of a widespread practice.

    "The Color Purple" takes on a whole new meaning now. Wonder if Trump will order the border wall/fence/barrier to be painted purple?
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    Purple isn't exactly one of my favorite colors. I'd rather paint my fence red and put up a no trespassing sign for good measure.
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    from three years ago..

    Never seen a purple fence,,,

    never hope to see one
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    Purple is sprayed on trees in these parts, trees and gates.

    Hunt your own land.

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    If I was in the paint industry I'd publicize this. But since I'm not, I'd suggest a stain to increase the life of the fence.

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