I wanted to bring attention to a group doing great things for the Liberty Community and for regular people.

It's called "Liberty Memes Patreon Group" and was the brain-child of an old RPF member David Andrew Gay - who once ran for congress and was endorsed by Ron Paul (here's some more info on that/him) and his brother Peter. Both are heavily involved in various Liberty causes, including YAL, and various others.

Liberty Memes is a Facebook page with the largest collection of liberty-oriented memes in history. Since 2013, their goal has been to promote liberty ideals to the average person through humor, satire, and viral content.

Then, it developed into the subgroup - Liberty Memes Patreon, offering the opportunity for LM fans and like-minded individuals to sponsor a unique brand of activism, in exchange for premium content, fun gifts, and a patron-exclusive FB group.

Since creation of the LM Patreon, Liberty Memes fans have become heavily engaged in promotion of voluntaryism through real-life charitable action. Liberty Memes fans helped raise nearly $300,000 for various charities during 2018. 2019 numbers aren't in yet, but I have it on good authority it will far surpass last year's expectations. They have also used it to fund several thousands of dollars to help sponsor fellow liberty-minded organizations, to travel to events, conventions, & fan meetups.

To join the Patreon you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/LibertyMemes/overview

If you're not ready to join, but want to join the public LM group on facebook to get a taste of what the hype is, you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/575184586207532/

If you solely want to join the LM $5 charity club, open to the public you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/506343186580255/

As a long time Patreon member, I find it 100% worth my $9.11 (I have tiered up since joining, the lowest tier is only $3.50) a month to be a part of the exclusive LM Patreon group, as it's a tight knit community of people who take care of each other, far superior memes posted, Podcasts, Webcasts and streams and hundreds of interest-targeted exclusive sub groups.

If you do join, and need a link to the private LMPM group to request to join just let me know.