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Thread: Rwanda genocide - France, Britain and the UN

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    Barrick and Anglo American in the Congo

    Isn’t it strange how the Canadian commander of UNAMIR in Rwanda, General Romeo Dallaire, has been turned into a real “hero” for helping the RPF orchestrate the genocide? And that Canadian companies profit from the subsequent takeover of Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo)?

    In the following publication from the Executive Intelligence Review of Lyndon LaRouche is a long essay, called “George Bush's ‘Heart of Darkness’”, starting page 16.
    It is from January 1997, so relatively short after the first invasion of Zaire, but before Laurent Kabila withdrew from his dirty deals with Western companies, the re-invasion (that later became Africa’s World War) and his assassination, after which his son Joseph Kabila became the new president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    LaRouche argues that it were mainly British companies (in particular from its colony Canada) that profit from looting Zaire (Congo), even before Mobuto was forced out.

    Belgium granted Zaire independence with a debt of about $5 billion. By the late 1980s, Zaire's debt had climbed to about $8 billion.
    In the early 1990s, Zaire defaulted on most of its debt payments. So naturally the banks, backed by the World Bank, demanded that Zaire pay the debt, "democratise" its government and most importantly privatise its state-owned mining concerns.
    In 2000 Congo’s debt had grown to $25.7 billion, which by 2018 was down to $7.2 billion.

    Barrick Gold, Munk, Khashoggi
    In 1974, Peter Munk became partners with arms-trafficking billionaire Adnan Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia, who became the main financer for Munk’s enterprise. According to Munk, their alliance was cemented at the London headquarters of Peninsular and Orient, whose hereditary boss was the third Earl of Inchcape (who was also a Director of British Petroleum).Since this arrangement was sealed, Munk became member of the 1001 Club (founded by Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard) and a regular skiing partner of Crown Prince Charles, who attended the opening of a Munk factory outlet mall in Germany.

    In 1985, Khashoggi used his Barrick stock as collateral to borrow $21 million for the illegal arms to Iran at the request of Oliver North (at the time there was an official U.S. arms embargo against Khomeini’s regime). Khashoggi made Donald Fraser, who allegedly provided the loan, president of Khashoggi’s Triad American holding company.The Bank of Credit and Commerce International laundered money for the Iran arms sales. Barrick Gold Corp. co-founder Kamal Adham was prosecuted for fraud in the BCCI case, and fined $100 million.

    The sister of David Gilmour, Peter Munk's business partner, had married into the Anglo-Dutch aristocratic Vansittart family. Vansittart used Sir Henry Keswick, and the Keswick’s merchant banking firm Jardine Matheson, to lift Munk’s career.

    On 25 November 1986, US Attorney General Edwin Meese for some reason linked the Iran and Contra scandals. The next day, Munk announced an urgent restructuring plan, which kept the Khashoggi group in control and eased Khashoggi out of the limelight. Khashoggi’s long-time attorney, Tariq Kadri, became president of the Horsham holding company that controlled Barrick.In 1986-87, Barrick Gold acquired the Goldstrike property in Nevada for $63 million, with $10 billion in gold from the US government. After Bush Sr. became President in 1988, his administration gave Barrick Gold a special dispensation to speed up the procedures for a mining company to "patent" to the land. Suddenly Barrick Gold had become one of the biggest gold mining companies in the world, and Bush himself became a Barrick Director.

    In 1992, Edward Ney quit as US ambassador to Canada and became a director of the Barrick Gold Corp.
    In 1993, Brian Mulroney resigned as Canadian prime minister. Mulroney as PM had directly aided Barrick's international ventures and had worked closely with Bush Sr on “free trade” agreements. Munk immediately hired Mulroney.

    In May 1995, the Canada-based Barrick created an international advisory board around George Bush Sr.Paul G. Desmarais (the richest man in Canada and a member of Her Majesty's Council for Canada) was also on Barrick’s international advisory board. Desmarais runs Power Corp. and serves on several boards with Maurice Strong (a top operative of Prince Philip's and Bernhard’s World Wide Fund for Nature). Desmarais was also part-owner of Europe's largest private TV network, the banking Groupe Bruxelles Lambert and Belgium's Petrofina oil giant.

    Consolidated Eurocan - Lundin
    In 1996, Eurocan Consolidated of Vancouver finalised a deal to purchase a 55% interest in the Tenke-Fungurume copper-cobalt deposits from state mining company Gecamines, for a quarter of a billion dollars over 72 months.
    Consolidated Eurocan is owned and controlled by the Swedish Adolf Lundin, who in the 1980s was involved with the Heritage Foundation and founded Reagan’s presidential campaign.

    Banro Resources, MDDZ - Anglo American
    In September 1996, the tiny Toronto, Canada-based Banro Resources Corp., obtained a 36% concession to mine gold in Zaire's central-east province of Kivu (Sominki). Another large stake in Sominki was bought by the Belgium-based company Mines D' or du Zaire (MDDZ). Cluff Mining Co. of London owns 60% of MDDZ is; Cluff is controlled by Anglo American Corp that owns 65% of it.
    On 21 September 1 996, Banro and MDDZ announced their merger, with Banro selling its shares to MDDZ. The Banro-MDDZ company held a 72% stake in Sominki, ultimately controlled by Anglo American.
    The rich concession starts in the town of Bukavu, which was the site of a major Rwandan refugee camp. Banro and Anglo American Corporation needed this site cleared of people, so in mid-October Uganda started the invasion of Zaire and cleared Bukavu of the refugees.

    American Mineral Fields - Anglo American
    American Mineral Fields (AMF) was founded, owned by Jean-Raymond Boulle, a former executive for DeBeers Diamonds.
    AMF signed an agreement with Anglo American, which gave Anglo American the right to invest up to $100 million in any AMF venture in Shaba province, taking up to 50% equity stake in a venture.

    Anglo American – De Beers Rio Tinto
    The South Africa-based Anglo American is the biggest mining company in the world, run by the Oppenheimer family. Financing for Anglo American and its empire came from Rothschild and J.P. Morgan.
    Anglo American, through cross-ownership, owns DeBeers Centenary and DeBeers Consolidated (which together controls 80% of the world's diamonds), and the Luxembourg-based Minerals and Resources Corp. (Minorco) holding company.
    The full global reach of Anglo American only becomes clear when viewed in combination with the London-based Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), the world's second largest raw materials company, in which (again) the Rothschilds and Queen Elizabeth II own a substantial stake.

    See the combined share of Western world mining production of Anglo American and Rio Tinto Zinc in 1996 (Uranium only 8%?).
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    For some reason the following story on the links between Erik Prince and Ugandan Yoweri President Museveni’s half-brother Gen. Salim Saleh was deleted from the internet…

    Salim Saleh’s real name is Caleb Akandwanaho.
    In January 2011, Saracen International of Uganda; in which Salim Saleh reportedly owned a 25% stake lost a lucrative contract in Somalia.

    Saracen International is also linked to Erik Prince, who is best known for the notorious Blackwater mercenary firm. Prince is of course also the brother of Donald Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
    Saracen International was apparently, like Blackwater, also a bit too violent in Africa.

    Prince’s spokesman claimed that Erik is interested in "helping Somalia overcome the scourge of piracy". That sounds so much better than making millions by killing innocent people…
    United Nations monitors were concerned that Saracen violated the arms embargo on Somalia.

    It is claimed that Sarace (Lebanon) is a distinct entity from the Ugandan Saracen; even though both have chairmen that were formerly employed by Executive Outcomes.
    We shouldn’t think it’s suspicious that Saracen (Uganda) makes “introductions” for Saracen (Lebanon).
    Lebanese authorities said that the Saracen in Lebanon is really based in the UAE (at the time also home to Erik Prince).

    Former U.S. ambassador Pierre R. Prosper, under George W. Bush, with former CIA agent Michael Shanklin, coordinated Saracen’s contract with the Somali government.
    Prosper has told they were paid “paid by a Muslim nation”, which is apparently the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

    I’m just glad that the UN forgets to mention Erik Prince’s involvement with Salim Saleh...

    Between September 1998 and August 1999, occupied zones of the Congo were drained of minerals, agricultural and forest products and livestock.
    In January 1999, Jean-Pierre Bemba (leader of MLC) and General James Kazini, the right hand man of Salim Saleh, confiscated large stocks of coffee beans in Equateur Province for sale.

    Since the Congo was invaded Uganda in 1998 suddenly started producing much more gold.

    In September 1998, Salim Saleh was already discussing creating a company to supply Congo with merchandise, in return for natural resources.
    In mid-1999, the Victoria Group, whose key shareholder is Salim Saleh, made counterfeit Congolese francs to buy coffee. At the same time Jean-Pierre Bemba ordered the production of 100-franc Congolese notes.
    By the end of 1999, Bemba suspended all 100-franc notes, as to stop “inflation” in the areas he controlled, including Equateur Province.

    Salim Saleh and his wife Jovia Akandwanaho are at the core of the illegal exploitation of natural resources in areas controlled by Uganda in the Congo.
    On the Ugandan side, three main private companies were involved:
    Air Alexander, whose owner is Jovia Akandwanaho;
    Air Navette has dealings with General Salim Saleh and Jean-Pierre Bemba;
    Uganda Air Cargo, which mainly deals with the Ugandan Ministry of Defence.

    Trinity was another shell company owned by Salim Saleh and his wife Jovia.
    Trinity’s primary purpose was to facilitate Saleh’s business activities in Orientale Province. Tibasima granted a tax exemption to all Trinity activities in the areas controlled by Uganda in November 1999. Trinity has imported gold, coffee and timber without paying any tax from Orientale Province.

    Between 1995 and 1999, in the Garamba Park controlled by the Ugandan and Sudanese mercenaries, nearly 4,000 out of 12,000 elephants were killed. The situation in other parks and reserves is equally grave, where the number of okapis, gorillas and elephants has dwindled to small populations. In the Kahuzi-Biega Park, controlled by the Rwandans and RCD-Goma and rich in coltan, only 2 out of 350 elephant families remained in 2000.
    In August 2000, UPDF Colonel Mugeni and his soldiers were discovered with 800 kg of elephant tusks in their car near Garamba Park. Eyewitnesses reported that Rwandan soldiers were selling elephant and buffalo meat:
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    The following is interesting as it presents information on the Interahamwe from 1992 (almost like a warning)…

    In 1991, member of MRND Murenzi Desiree cofounded the Interahamwe as a “think tank” for young people.
    Desiree later became director of Petrorwanda. He took money from the oil company to fund the Interahamwe:

    Jeannette Nyiramongi was a school friend of Jeannette Urujen, who became Jeannette Rwigema after she married Salim Saleh’s friend, Fred Rwigema (or Rwigyema).

    Jeannette Nyiramongi became the mistress of the late Joseph Nzirorera (former MRND's general secretary).
    Nyiramongi also had an affair with the married Husi Kajuga, the older brother of none other than Robert Kajuga, another founding member and the president of the Interahamwe militias!

    After she became pregnant, Husi Kajuga sent Jeannette Nyiramongi to Nairobi in January of 1987, where Husi paid for her education. Nyiramongi lived there at the house of Specioza Kayihura (mother of Paul Kagame’s spokes woman Yolanda Makolo and director of advertisement at MTN Rwanda Yvonne Makolo).
    Husi Kajuga introduced Jeannette Kagame to the extended Kayihura family in Kenya.

    In 1989, Immacule Mirenge introduced Jeannette Nyiramongi to Paul Kagame and in June of that year they got married.
    See the married couple later, as dictator and first lady (Jeannette Kagame) of Rwanda.

    The Kayihura family was later rewarded by evil Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame with nice jobs in Rwanda. Viviane Kayitesi Kayihura heads Rwanda Development Bank, Teta Rutimirwa Kayihura heads urban planning, Eugene Kayihura Rwanda’s ambassador to South Korea, Rema and Minego are board members at New Times:

    Jeannette Rwigema has complained about being targeted by Kagame’s government.

    In June 2008, Andrew Rwigamba (who was also schooled in the US) was unceremoniously fired as Rwanda’s Inspector General of Police, together with his colleagues Costa Habyara and Peter Sano, on the orders of criminal Paul Kagame. The main reason for the indefinite suspension of the trio was that they offered protection to Jeannette Rwigema (widow of the assassinated Gen Fred Rwigema).

    In 2011, Rwigamba was appointed as Director of Military Relations, without an official role or office.
    In 2013, Brig Gen Andrew Rwigamba was fired by Paul Kagame.

    Years later, the DMI suddenly spread false rumours that Rwigamba is a long sufferer of a certain (unnamed) disease. This has been done before...
    For example, before Col Steven Ndugute was eliminated, DMI started spreading rumours that he suffered from a certain disease and few months later, he died (through poisoning).
    The same DMI spread the similar rumour about Col William Bagire, who died a few months later (also through poisoning).
    The DMI also spread this rumour about Col Charles Ngoga, who was eliminated a couple of months later.

    In early September 2019, Rwigamba started vomiting blood, and his family rushed him to King Faisal Hospital. The doctors discovered that the cause of his illness were poisonous substances.
    And on 16 October 201919, Andrew Rwigamba died due to internal organs failure, caused by poisoning.

    According to the writer of this interesting piece, Gen James Kabarebe on the orders of Paul Kagame, was the one who assassinated Andrew Rwigamba (by poisoning):

    Gen. Salim Saleh (Caleb Akandwanaho) trained together with his friend Fred Rwigyema and brother Yoweri Museveni in Mozambique with Samora Machel's Frelimo rebels.

    Saleh has been implicated in several scandals, including the illegal purchase of Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd in 1998. Saleh admitted that in the sale of the bank to Malaysian firm Westmont, he helped the Ugandan Greenland bank to buy shares in the bank, in violation of the sale agreement.
    Salim Saleh bought a majority interest in a Malaysian firm, Westmont Berhad, which had earlier bought a 51% stake in the Uganda Commercial Bank.
    The former managing director of Greenland Investments, Dr Sulaiman Kiggundu, was prosecuted and sent to jail for six months, while for some reason Saleh was never prosecuted.
    In 1998, Salim Saleh was forced to resign as presidential advisor (to his half-brother Museveni) over this scandal.

    Another corruption scandal involving Saleh is the purchase of 2 "junk" helicopters from the former Soviet republic Belarus in 1997. In which it is claimed that the Ugandan government lost more than $10 million.
    Saleh admitted that he had received a commission of $800,000 in the deal. His brother, President Museveni, said that Saleh had told him that he had used the money to finance the war in northern Uganda.

    Dr James Rwanyarare of Uganda People's Congress said that "no one could prosecute" Saleh.

    Erik Prince’s business partner, Salim Saleh, continued his successful career to become the Ugandan Minister of State for Microfinance in 2006:
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