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Thread: Simultanous Coup Attempts against a Globalist Neoconservative funded Trump & Netanyahu

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    Simultanous Coup Attempts against a Globalist Neoconservative funded Trump & Netanyahu

    Who is behind simultanous Coup attempts taking place currently against two rising stars of cause of liberty , Trump and Netanyhu, funded by same Globalist Neoconservative, the widely respected Sheldon Adelson?

    Have some so called 'America-First' factions of Deep State turned against 'Deep Zionism' funded politicians?

    Or timing just coincidence and no connection between the two simultanoues coup attempts?

    Netanyahu slams corruption indictment as ‘attempted coup’
    November 21, 2019
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out after being indicted on corruption charges Thursday, saying the country is witnessing “an attempted coup.”

    Trump Launches ‘Stop The Coup’ Impeachment Hashtag


    Poll: Soros vs Adelson, whose political funding is better for cause of liberty?

    Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel PM charged with corruption

    David Icke Meme That Crossed The Line

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    Netanyahu is not a nice guy, honestly? Netanyahu lied to Congress in America that taking out Saddam would bring stability and peace to the middle east. So now Netanyahu is crying out wolf and this corruption indictment agaisnt him as a coup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryCanadian View Post
    Netanyahu lied to Congress in America that taking out Saddam would bring stability and peace to the middle east. So now Netanyahu is crying out wolf and this corruption indictment agaisnt him as a coup.
    Have to concede, you have a point.

    But them there are rumors started by likes of NYT that he's driving GOPA wing's current foreign policy too:

    The whole situation is but too fluid and somewhat confusing (from cause of liberty stand point), may be we need to have a wait n see approach till fog clears.

    Forget The Impeachment Circus…Here’s What Congress Should Really Investigate! – Ron Paul Institute
    While the country is being dragged through the three ring impeachment circus – which is all about politics and nothing about policy, President Trump’s secret wars and interventions across the globe continue. Venezuela, Middle East, Lithuania…the intervention is on overdrive. But Congress has no interest in its Constitutional obligations when it comes to war. Political theater is far more exciting. Watch today’s Liberty Report:

    From Iraq to the Red Sea, Iran-Israel Battleground Now Spans Entire Mideast
    Oct 20, 2019

    October 6, 2019
    US, Israeli efforts put Iraq’s stability on the line ; 104 killed in Iraq, 6000 wounded

    Iraq invasion architect Elliott Abrams quietly slips into Trump administration

    Trump has deployed 14,000 additional troops to the Middle East since May 2019

    Jared Kushner is wreaking havoc in the Middle East
    The entire Middle East, from Palestine to Yemen, appears set to burst into flames after this week. The region was already teetering on the edge, but recent events have only made things worse. And while the mayhem should be apparent to any casual observer, what’s less obvious is Jared Kushner’s role in the chaos. Kushner is, of course, the US president’s senior advisor and son-in-law.

    Pompeo says God may have sent Trump to save Israel from Iran

    Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel

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    Mystery solved behind this mysterious coincidence: we are witnessing 'failure of democracy'.

    But unlike liberal globalist mega donor's Israeli political horse, his American political horse does have plenty of able successors to carry the torch of
    Foreign-Firster funded 'Merica-First revolt.

    Netanyahu indictment and the Trump impeachment process are both the products of democracy’s failures

    Published Thu, Nov 21 2019
    Jake Novak@jakejakeny

    Key Points

    • President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are facing impeachment and indictment efforts, respectively, just as national elections for both of them loom around the corner, writes Jake Novak.

    Israel’s prime minister has now been formally indicted for bribery and corruption. Benjamin Netanyahu is calling the charges against him false and part of a coup attempt.
    Sound familiar?
    There are a lot of differences between Israel’s parliamentary democracy and the American republic. But both nations are now in the midst of long-running attempts by the left to unseat their leaders based on charges of illegal conduct. Correspondingly, both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are facing these efforts just as national elections for both of them loom around the corner.
    But not everything is similar in this scenario. Because while both Trump and Netanyahu are extremely polarizing figures in their home countries, Israel is not beset by a real left-right partisan divide.
    In election after election since the so-called “Second Intifada” began in 2000, the Israeli public has continued to blame the political left for allowing the security situation to deteriorate. Virtually every Israeli either lost a close friend or relative in those Palestinian suicide bombing campaigns. So beginning with the late Ariel Sharon’s election as prime minister in 2001, every election in Israel has seen the majority of the votes going to a combination of right wing or center-right parties. That doesn’t mean the Israeli people aren’t divided over a lot of political issues. But when it comes to the most crucial issue of security, there is no significant divide in the Israeli electorate.
    This holds true even when you include the results two national elections Israel has held already this year. Israeli political math is a little tricky, because while Arab-Israelis can and do vote with equal voting rights, Arab-Israeli party members of the parliament have never agreed and will likely never agree to join with any sitting government. So the percentages of seats in the parliament can only fairly be counted based on all the other seats.
    With that in mind, note that in the April national election, center-right Israeli parties took 59% of the parliamentary seats not including those Arab parties. In the September “do over” election, the opposition Blue & White Party got one more seat than Likud to claim the title of the top vote-getter. But again, the center-right Israeli parties took 59% of all the non-Arab party seats. So all the Likud Party seemingly has to do is replace Netanyahu with another right wing leader and then complete the easier task of forming a government with someone so many Israelis don’t personally object to.

    Here’s the problem: because Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, has no clear successor in his own party, that clear majority of Israelis who support more right wing policies are left hanging.


    Trump’s elixir could prove to be an overdose for Israel
    November 22, 2019

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    Coup attempts against Polish-Israeli leader so far not living up to earlier projections, Deep Neocons (non-parasitic lobbies wing) seem to be making a come back based on latest political alignments.

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    A very interesting topic, OP, but my brain has reached overload. I only wish the US would have no entangling alliances and stop immigration. Doesn't look like either of those will ever happen.

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    GOPA wing appears to be boosting entangling alliances but readjusting cash flow situations with a Cash First mindset.

    In ther news, potentially dangerious primary risk for one of the politicians funded by GOPA wing top donor:

    Israeli lawmaker aims to oust Netanyahu in primary...

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