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Thread: Stag Arms rifle manufacturer moving to Wyoming from Connecticut

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    Stag Arms rifle manufacturer moving to Wyoming from Connecticut

    Gun maker Stag Arms has announced on November 18, 2019, it is moving all its operations from Connecticut to Wyoming. Connecticut passed stricter gun laws after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. The AR-15 rifle maker had announced in June that it would be leaving Connecticut for somewhere else that is more business friendly. It plans to be relocated to Cheyenne by the end of the year. The company said in a statement on November 18th, "Not only is Wyoming an incredibly hospitable place to do business, it is also a top destination for outdoor recreation, including hunting and shooting sports, which reflects its citizens’ unwavering support for the Second Amendment."

    Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon issued the following statement: "I am pleased to welcome Stag Arms to Wyoming and to know that our state came out on top of a broad look at potential new homes for the sought-after company. We have a deep-seated commitment to the Second Amendment that I will continue to uphold. Ultimately, Stag Arms had to make a business decision and I believe this announcement is an affirmation that Wyoming is continuing to cultivate a culture that allows private enterprise to flourish. My administration will work collaboratively with the Wyoming Business Council and Cheyenne LEADS to ensure Stag's move goes smoothly. I thank Stag’s Board of Directors and Chad Larsen for selecting Wyoming."

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    One less gun manufacturer for the commies to seize when the civil war comes.
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    Why any arms factory is in blue ststaes these days makes no sense...

    Let me be the CEO for a month

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    All gun manufacturers should be leaving states with strict gun laws.
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    Good choice. Spent a few weeks in Red Lodge on a film shoot, then on the way home made my way down through Wyoming. Beautiful country and nice small towns.

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