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Thread: 34 Palestinians/Children Killed in Two Days as Israel Bombs Gaza Strip

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    34 Palestinians/Children Killed in Two Days as Israel Bombs Gaza Strip

    Perhaps time has come for current Polish-Israeli, Russian-Israeli leadership of Israel to sit down with native Israelis and Palestinians to sort out a peaceful freedom based solution to this tough problem and in parallel workout deals with Poland, Russia, France, New York and other Christian culture regions to stop generation of abused, traumatized jewish refugees who are being forced to find refuge in Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in violation of International Law. Perhaps tie these deals to the new Global Campaign against Anti-Semitism recently launched by CUFI supported current GOP-MAGA wing leadership.

    In Strike That Killed 5 Children, Israel Said It Took Out Gaza Militant. Now It Isn’t Sure.

    The Israeli military said it has begun an investigation into who was actually killed in an airstrike that Palestinians said caused the deaths of eight civilians.
    [IMG]https://static01.********/images/2019/11/15/world/15israel1/merlin_164372487_b49ea9fd-39f6-4be8-b863-8725529f5893-articleLarge.jpg?quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upsc ale[/IMG]
    A funeral for members of the al-Swarka family in Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, after their house was hit by an Israeli airstrike.

    By Iyad Abuheweila and David M. Halbfinger
    Nov. 15, 2019
    DEIR El-BALAH, Gaza Strip — Ismail al-Swarka was shaken from slumber after midnight on Thursday by what sounded like four missile blasts. Then he heard his neighbors screaming. What he found outside was horrifying: Eight of his relatives, including five children, had been killed in an airstrike, with several more badly wounded.

    34 Palestinians Killed in Two Days as Israel Bombs Gaza Strip

    Nov 14, 2019
    In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians have agreed to a tenuous ceasefire with Israel’s military after Israel launched its biggest attacks on the territory in months. After the ceasefire took effect overnight, at least five rockets were launched from Gaza, prompting air raid alarms in southern Israel, where 1 million Israeli children were ordered to remain at home. Several Israelis reported minor injuries from falling rockets. Gaza’s Health Ministry says 34 Palestinians were killed in the fighting, with dozens more wounded. Among the dead were eight members of a single family — including five children — who were crushed to death when an Israeli airstrike flattened their home. The fighting erupted after Israel bombed the home of a senior member of the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad on Tuesday, killing the commander and his wife and injuring their children.

    More than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza have bone infections after being shot by Israeli forces

    October 15, 2019
    Disabled Palestinians who lost their legs from Israeli fire during protests at the Gaza-Israel fence wait to receive crutches funded by Viva Malaysia, in Gaza city, on July 19, 2018. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images)

    Treating drug-resistant infections in Gaza under the blockade
    Medicin Sans Frontieres 2 Sept. 2019-More than 7,400 Palestinians have been injured by live ammunition during protests in Gaza. About half of those suffering from open fractures, in which the bone is broken near the wound. More than 1,000 of them have developed bone infections; these serious and complex wounds require months – if not years – of dressing, surgery, and physiotherapy. Infections prevent recovery and many of them are resistant to antibiotics. To prevent the spread of resistant bacteria, those with resistant infections have to be isolated in a single room for six weeks. Everyone entering the room must wear protective clothing and clean their hands. MSF has developed the first lab in Gaza that is able to analyze bone samples.


    Trump reverses longstanding policy on Israeli settlements

    Breaking: Flynn says Trump directed him to make contact with Russians
    UN resolution against Israeli settlements at center of Flynn guilty plea

    • Mueller probing Kushner’s 2016 attempts to block UNSC settlement resolution
    • Ex-Trump adviser Flynn charged with lying to FBI in Russia probe

    December 1, 2017
    In the lead up to the anti-settlement resolution which angered Jerusalem, Trump’s team had urged the US to veto the resolution.
    Jerusalem Post

    Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose He Led a Foundation Funding Illegal Israeli Settlements Before U.N. Vote

    Netanyahu promises no Palestinian state if he is re-elected

    WaPo: Netanyahu offers West Bank annexation to right-wing voters ahead of cliffhanger election
    Opinion polls show Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party locked in a very tight race with the Blue and White party.

    As Israel votes, Donald Trump proves he's the 'King of Israel'

    Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY Published Sept. 16, 2019
    Every American president in modern times has been staunchly pro-Israel, President Donald Trump perhaps more than most. USA TODAY

    RAMAT TRUMP, Golan Heights – It's been branded a hollow public relations exercise. It may not actually get built. It's surrounded by hostile military land. And as for the well-known preference for luxury real estate and trademark bling of the family whose name it would ultimately bear, it almost certainly won't be a shining example anytime soon.
    But a planned Israeli community named "Ramat Trump" in Hebrew, or "Trump Heights," around 12 miles from the Syrian border – right in the heart of territory the United States alone recognizes as legal Israeli territory – nevertheless encapsulates a defining tenet of U.S. foreign policy: Every American president in modern times, citing shared history and values and an unshakeable security commitment, has been staunchly pro-Israel.
    President Donald Trump perhaps more than most.
    "Trump's a true friend of Israel," said Haim Rokach, the head of the Golan Heights Regional Council that is overseeing the fledgling "Trump Heights" initiative in Bruchim, a shabby village, population approximately 7-10, that is part of Kela Alon, a larger adjoining community of 80-90 families who are predominantly secular Israeli Jews.

    Israel elections: Netanyahu, Lieberman fight for the 'Russian vote'

    As elections loom closer, the Russian-speaking community in Israel is being aggressively courted by the two feuding right-wing leaders
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    5 September 2019

    Soon after being forced to announce that another legislative election would take place on 17 September after he failed to secure a comfortable majority during an April vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made two statements.
    First, he labelled Avigdor Lieberman, the Soviet-born head of right-wing secular nationalist party Yisrael Beiteinu, a "leftist". Second, he announced, in a threatening manner, that he would invest 50m shekels ($14m) in a campaign aimed at the Russian-Israeli vote.
    The two statements complement each other.
    Lieberman, himself a veteran immigrant from Moldova, is the head of what is still considered a sectarian "Russian" party in Israel. In April elections, this electorate only brought him five seats out of 120 in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, but it is still perceived as his clan.

    The ‘Russian vote’
    With almost one million immigrants from the former Soviet Union in Israel, amounting to a block of about 15-16 seats in parliament, the Russian community naturally finds itself in the middle of this power struggle.
    They are largely considered right-wingers, yet also as a less committed swing vote. Over the 30 years since the first huge wave of migration from the collapsing Soviet Union, their vote brought late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to power in 1992. Doing so, they allowed the Oslo Accords to be signed - only to fiercely oppose them just one year later.

    Far Right groups pushed anti-semitic conspiracy theories claiming Trump was being blackmailed by Jews

    How The Icke Meme Tries To Discredit 'MAGA'


    Former CIA Officer: US Fighting Israel's Wars

    Trump Says if He Runs in Israel He Would Get 98% of The Vote

    Top-neocon reverses course, says Trump's ‘most pro-Israel president ever’

    US Officially Sends Largest Ever $38 Billion Military Aid Package to Israel

    Former CIA Officer: US Fighting Israel's Wars

    US resolution on Gaza violence at UN Security Council gets only 1 vote

    Mondoweiss crosses the line, calls MAGA 'Adelson’s perfect little puppet'

    Mega-donor Miriam Adelson, Now Israel's Richest Person
    Israeli-born Dr. Adelson, wife of U.S. casino tycoon and philanthropist Sheldon Adelson, is a new addition to Israel's rich list this year — jumping straight to first place
    Jun 20, 2019
    Total worth in 2019: $22,000,000,000 Stock market value: $20,800,000,000

    Trump ally Gov. DeSantis signed bill censors criticism of Israel in FL public schools

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    ‘NY Times’ report on killing of Gaza family is part damage control for Israel’s military

    Media Analysis James North on November 16, 2019

    Crater left by killing of al-Sawarka family. Photo by Ashraf Amra

    The slant in today’s New York Times report about how Israel’s air force killed civilians in Gaza started right in the headline. In the online edition it reads: “In Strike That Killed 5 Children, Israel Said It Took Out Gaza Militant. Now It Isn’t Sure.”
    I first encountered “take out” as a euphemism for “killed” when I reported from southern Africa in the 1970s. The white-minority regime in Rhodesia used it to minimize their repression of the black guerrilla movement that eventually won independence and renamed the country Zimbabwe. Does the New York Times really want to associate itself with this ugly history?
    The Times article does start with a quick first-hand report from an eyewitness to the terrible Israeli midnight aerial attack on Deir-El-Balah, in Gaza. Ismail al-Swarka lost eight of his relatives, five of whom were children.
    But then the paper detours into a joint damage control exercise with the Israeli military. The Times says the military explains that “civilian casualties are unavoidable in Gaza’s teeming neighborhoods.” It adds that “Israel accuses militants of using civilians, including their own relatives, as human shields. . .” And, hammering home the propaganda point, the paper says Israel “takes numerous precautions to prevent unnecessary civilian casualties.”
    The paper also muddies the actual news, by insinuating that despite the civilian deaths, there might actually have been “an Islamic Jihad military infrastructure” in the area that Israel attacked. The reader is left confused, with the impression that Israel’s air force may have made a mistake, but maybe not, and in any case such mistakes are rare.

    Another Election, Another War

    November 14, 2019

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    IPB strikes again. Quite amazing that people on this site actually claim that the deep state is against Trump - as he does their bidding again and again. Like Trump-stooge Pompeo claiming that the US now disregards international law entirely when it comes to Israel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    IPB strikes again. Quite amazing that people on this site actually claim that the deep state is against Trump - as he does their bidding again and again. Like Trump-stooge Pompeo claiming that the US now disregards international law entirely when it comes to Israel.
    But he can't round up all the pizza eaters in 2023 if they assassinate him now!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    You only want the freedoms that will undermine the nation and lead to the destruction of liberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    But he can't round up all the pizza eaters in 2023 if they assassinate him now!!
    Did you hear about Trump nuking the pedophiles living miles underground in California, and freeing 1000s of children held captive simultaneously, while causing the California earthquakes earlier this year??

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    Yes I did!

    How did he not get impeached or assassinated for that?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    You only want the freedoms that will undermine the nation and lead to the destruction of liberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    Yes I did!

    How did he not get impeached or assassinated for that?!
    He can't be impeached for something that if it is true they don't want made public and they just tried to poison him.
    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    Robert Heinlein

    Give a man an inch and right away he thinks he's a ruler

    Groucho Marx

    I love mankindÖitís people I canít stand.

    Linus, from the Peanuts comic

    You cannot have liberty without morality and morality without faith

    Alexis de Torqueville

    Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

    A Zero Hedge comment

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    How did he not get impeached or assassinated for that?!
    Is that a joke? They are obviously trying to impeach him now, and he was nearly assassinated (for the 12th time) the other day.
    "He's talkin' to his gut like it's a person!!" -me
    "dumpster diving isn't professional." - angelatc
    "You don't need a medical degree to spot obvious bullshit, that's actually a separate skill." -Scott Adams
    "When you are divided, and angry, and controlled, you target those 'different' from you, not those responsible [controllers]" -Q

    "Each of us must choose which course of action we should take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes. But let it not be said that we did nothing." - Ron Paul

    "Paul said "the wave of the future" is a coalition of anti-authoritarian progressive Democrats and libertarian Republicans in Congress opposed to domestic surveillance, opposed to starting new wars and in favor of ending the so-called War on Drugs."

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    10 days after his wife and sons were killed in mistaken Israeli attack, Gaza man dies

    November 23, 2019

    Palestinian dies from serious wounds he suffered when the army killed eight members of his family
    IMEMC 22 Nov — The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has confirmed that a Palestinian man died, Friday, from serious wounds he suffered when Israeli soldiers fired a missile at the family home, on November 14th, 2019, killing eight family members, including five children. The Health Ministry identified the slain Palestinian man as Mohammad Salama Sawarka, 40; he was seriously injured at dawn on Thursday, November 14th, when the army fired a missile at the family home, in Deir al-Balah in central Gaza. Mohammad’s two children, Moath, 7, and Waseem, 23, were instantly killed. The missiles led to the death of eight members of his family, including five children and one woman. The Israeli army later alleged it “fired the missile at the home by mistake.” Only one toddler survived the Israeli attack and was found shielded by her slain brother. She was identified as Farah Rasmi Salem Al Sawarka, sister to Mohannad, 12, Salem, 3, and Firas, 2, who were killed, and the youngest child of Rasmi Salem al-Sawarka, 45, and Mariam Sawarka, 45. Both parents were also killed. Farah is the only surviving family member. At least twelve Palestinians were injured, including some who suffered life-threatening wounds.
    ‘I did not find our house, there was only a huge hole.’ Sawarkah children speak about a massacre they survived

    IMEMC/Agencies 16 Nov — Surviving children of the Abu Malhous “Sawarkah” family, who survived the massacre in which an Israeli air-strike killed 8, including five children and two women, spoke about what happened to them this past Thursday. That night, Noor Sawarkah, 12, could not sleep for fear, listening to the Israeli drones hover over the area, Quds News Network reported. “I couldn’t sleep that night, I was scared of the sounds of the Israeli drones”, said Noor, who now lives with her grandmother. Noor spotted a red light and heard a massive explosion, “I rushed out of the house and couldn’t wake my family up. I stood near the house, shaking and crying”, Noor said.

    When the explosions stopped Noor turned around to return to her house, “I did not find the house but there was only a huge hole while everything was thrown here and there and my family was buried in the sand.” she declared. The injuries among members of Noor’s family are, her siblings; Nermin, 10 has broken legs, Reem, 8, has a broken nose, and Salem, 3, has a fractured pelvis. Her father Muhammad, 40, is still in the Intensive Care Unit [now deceased]. Noor’s mother, Yusra, 39, and two brothers Muath, 7, and Waseem, 13, were killed in the strike. Noor prefers now to spend her days at the hospital, comforting her siblings, who ask for their mother, but they are unaware that she was killed in the bombing. Several Palestinian families spend their time with the survivors to alleviate their grief. Diaa Sawarkah, 13, is another survivor, who is still in shock of what he witnessed. He suffered shrapnel wounds to his face, while escaping to his grandmother’s home. “I was in the house when everything turned red, I heard an explosion in my uncle’s house, so I rushed to my grandmother’s house close by.” said the boy, whose relatives call a daring and strong-hearted child….

    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    They are obviously trying to impeach him now, and he was nearly assassinated (for the 12th time) the other day.
    Any MSM source supporting the second claim?

    Last POTUS Obama was subject of following alleged threats over US Iran/Syria policy:

    Obama firmly opposed Israeli settlements before Andrew Adler threat scandal

    Pictures of the day: 15 September 2009

    A settler sits in the boot of the car dragging a cement mixer in the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar, near the West Bank city of Nablus

    "The President (Obama) doesn't want to see even one cement mixer in the West Bank"

    U.S.-Israeli relationship takes new direction
    JERUSALEM Tue Jun 2, 2009
    "The president doesn't want to see even one cement mixer in the West Bank," an Israeli political source, briefed by Netanyahu aides, quoted U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell telling an Israeli delegation that met him in London last week.
    Possible scenarios for twisting Netanyahu's arm could range from U.S. inaction at the United Nations in thwarting resolutions critical of Israel to choking off some military supplies, political sources and commentators said.

    Publisher of the ‘Atlanta Jewish Times’ suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama
    Adam Horowitz on January 20, 2012
    John Cook reports at Gawker: Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, a weekly newspaper serving Atlanta’s Jewish community, devoted his January 13, 2012 column to the thorny problem of the U.S. and Israel’s diverging views on the threat posed by Iran. Basically Israel has three options, he wrote: Strike Hezbollah and Hamas, strike Iran, or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!
    Here’s how Adler laid out “option three” in his list of scenarios facing Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu (the column, which was forwarded to us by a tipster, isn’t online, but you can read a copy here):

    Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
    Yes, you read “three” correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?
    Another way of putting “three” in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives…Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?
    You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table.

    Trump reverses longstanding policy on Israeli settlements. Another neoconservative donors win?

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