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Thread: Current legal status of 3D printed firearms:

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    Lightbulb Current legal status of 3D printed firearms:

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    A decent 3D printer is about $750. It can make a gun that can fire two to three times, and this makes politicians and gun grabbers go nuts. Wait until CNC lathes and mills become even more affordable. The Chinese have been getting a lot of experience manufacturing over the years. The quality of there products have been going up as a result. You can get a decent cheap Chinese mill and lathe for about $3000 that could make a real gun. I'm sure today the number of home made firearms dwarfs the number of 3D printed guns. Is it just the stupidity of the public that causes the uproar over 3D printed guns? I'm guessing when they think of a 3D printed gun, they are envisioning something like a star trek replicator, where someone pushes a button and out pops a glock 19 with an extended magazine, and not a bunch of plastic pieces that have to be assembled to create a gun that might only fire once.

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    Only need to print the lower for an AR15, the upper can be bought.

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