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Thread: Rand Paul May Force Vote to Compel Hunter Biden, Whistleblower to Testify

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    Rand Paul May Force Vote to Compel Hunter Biden, Whistleblower to Testify

    Rand Paul May Force Vote to Compel Hunter Biden, Whistleblower to Testify in Impeachment Proceedings

    Bronson Stocking
    Nov 14, 2019

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says he's considering forcing votes on motions that would allow President Trump to call his own witnesses forward during an impeachment trial, Politico is reporting. The Kentucky senator has recently called for Hunter Biden and Eric Ciaramella specifically to testify in the impeachment inquiry.

    (Via Politico)

    Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urged Republicans on Wednesday to limit divisive votes to bring in witnesses, senators believe they will be able to offer their own amendments on the chamber’s impeachment resolution. Some Republicans also want the Senate to call the whistleblower.

    “I believe very strongly the president should be able to call his own witnesses,” Paul told reporters on Thursday. “The rules that are put forward will be amendable, so yes I will consider strongly that the president should get his full due process, which to me means bringing in his own witnesses.”
    "If you can't call Hunter Biden and you can't call the whistleblower, that's sort of a sham. That's not really even a trial," Sen. Paul recently said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

    Wednesday, during an appearance on WMAL's "Mornings on the Mall," Sen. Paul told co-host Vince Coglianese that "Eric Ciaramella needs to be pulled in for testimony."

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    Why not Joe Biden too? And the fired Ukrainian prosecutor?
    9/11 Thermate experiments

    Winston Churchhill on why the U.S. should have stayed OUT of World War I

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