As the federal government infringes further and further into the natural right of all men to keep and bear arms, there is one state senator offering a bill that would bar Washington, D.C., from taking the weapons away from men and women in his state.
Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm (shown) has prefiled Senate Bill 1081, legislation that would prevent enforcement of one of the most pernicious federal attacks on the right of all civilians to protect themselves and their property by force of arms — the so-called red flag laws.
“In the midst of a new wave of constitutionally illiterate politicians trying to erase the Bill of Rights, the time is now for conservatives across the country to embrace a bolder, stronger strategy to defending the Second Amendment,” Dahm wrote in a statement accompanying the filing of his bill.

“Washington’s never-ending obsession with shredding our right to keep and bear arms has gone on long enough. This is why I recently introduced Senate Bill 1081 in the state Senate, a bill that represents the aggressive legislative approach America needs. The bill, titled the ‘Anti-Red Flag Act,’ would nullify any new attempt from the federal government to bring red flag laws to the Sooner State,” Dahm added.
Dahm’s proposed legislation would stop “red flag laws” at the state border by preventing their enforcement and prohibiting any state resources from being used to carry out such orders. In fact, the bill would make it a felony to assist in any execution of red flag orders.

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