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Thread: Federal prison guards falsified records of cell checks, inmate counts

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    Federal prison guards falsified records of cell checks, inmate counts

    Federal prison employees have falsified logs to claim they conducted mandatory cell checks and inmate counts when they didn't, according to a recent examination revealed by an internal Bureau of Prisons memo.The Nov. 4 memo, issued by Bureau of Prisons Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, warned that falsifying documents is “very serious misconduct” that could expose staffers to criminal prosecution.
    Federal prison officials declined to respond to questions about how many staffers may have been identified in the reviews.

    The memo comes as the Justice Department reviews similar allegations of misconduct related to the August suicide of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
    For months, federal authorities have been examining whether guards assigned to Epstein's unit at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Manhattan slept through mandatory checks in the hours before he was found hanging from a bedsheet, and whether the guards falsified the logs accounting for their time on duty.

    Epstein's death, which has spawned multiple federal investigations, prompted a shakeup in leadership at the Bureau of Prisons, with Hawk Sawyer being put in charge. It is her second stint as director of the nation's largest prison system, with 177,000 inmates.
    Reviews of facilities show that "some staff members have failed to perform rounds and complete counts on housing units while documenting that they have," Hawk Sawyer wrote.
    Those checks are "vital to maintaining the safety of staff and inmates and the security of our facilities," she wrote.
    "Failure to conduct rounds, complete counts and providing inaccurate information in government systems and documents are considered very serious allegations of misconduct by the agency," the director wrote.
    Employees could face discipline or criminal prosecution, she wrote.

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