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Thread: Major Blaze At Iran Oil Refinery Raises Suspicions Of Saudi Revenge Attack

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    Major Blaze At Iran Oil Refinery Raises Suspicions Of Saudi Revenge Attack

    A section of Iran’s sprawling Abadan oil refinery in the southwest of the country went up in flames Saturday, and state media sources reported the emergency was under control as of Sunday morning.
    State media is describing it as "a fire in a canal carrying waste from Iran’s Abadan oil refinery," with Iranian official broadcaster IRIB saying, “The refinery’s fire department contained the fire and prevented it from spreading to other units.”
    A fire in a canal carrying waste from #Iran’s #Abadan oil refinery was brought under control on Sunday: State Media
    — Tasnim News Agency (@Tasnimnews_EN) October 20, 2019
    However, given the extent of the blaze captured in social media circulating videos, and especially given it comes after a tense summer of attacks on tanker and refineries notably the Sept. 14 Saudi Aramco drone and missile attack the newest Iran facility fire raises serious question.
    Could the clearly massive Abadan blaze, which Iranian state sources appear ready to downplay, be the result of a Saudi revenge attack?
    Though unverified and unconfirmed, Iranian opposition sources are pointing to a potential cyber attack as a possible cause for the fire.
    #BREAKING: It is now confirmed that a Cyber attack resulted fire in #Abadan's Oil Refinery in Southwest of #Iran. Probably a Cyber attack in response to #IRGC's cruise missile attack at #Aramco's oil facilities in #Abqaiq & #Khurais, #SaudiArabia on 14 September 2019.
    — Babak Taghvaee (@BabakTaghvaee) October 20, 2019
    Again, local authorities say it's the result of an accident, and though yes the occasional oil refinery blaze does happen, it's the fact that it comes after months of unprecedented Saudi-Iran (and allies) tit-for-tat targeting of tankers and energy resources that should raise some eyebrows.
    The blaze is currently subject of intense speculation online after early reports cited an initial "explosion" at the facility.

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    This does not look like Lavon Affair type false flag to stop US exit from mideast. But was it ever determined who was behind attack on Saudi oil installations protected by advanced Patriot technology?

    From Iraq to the Red Sea, Iran-Israel Battleground Now Spans Entire Mideast
    Amos Harel
    Oct 18, 2019 6:09 AM
    As the eyes of many in the Middle East are focused on northern Syria, a special note should be given to what was said in Tehran. After a mysterious incident off the coast of Saudi Arabia, it took the Iranians time to reach a conclusion as to what happened there. But on Wednesday, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in Tehran said that Israel and Saudi Arabia were involved in the attack on the Iranian oil tanker that came after a series of similar attacks by Iran on tankers making their way to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In other words, the Iranian account with Israel is still open – and sooner or later an attempt might be made to close it.

    US, Israeli efforts put Iraq’s stability on the line ; 104 killed in Iraq unrest, 6000 wounded

    Alleged IDF airstrikes targeting Iranian-backed paramilitaries have heightened divisions between the Shiite groups and Iraqi government
    20 September 2019

    BAGHDAD (AP) — As the United States and Israel escalate their push to contain Iranian influence in the Middle East, countries in Tehran’s orbit are feeling the heat.
    Pro-Iranian militias across Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are being targeted, both with economic sanctions and precision airstrikes hitting their bases and infrastructure. This is putting the governments that host them in the crosshairs of an escalating confrontation and raising the prospect of open conflict.

    It was coincidence that more taxpayers funded troops were heading that way:

    US troops leaving Syria will go to Iraq, says Pentagon chief

    • 4 hours ago

    Media captionUS troops pass through Tal Tamer before a convoy of ambulances arrives from Ras al-Ain All US troops withdrawing from northern Syria are expected to be relocated to western Iraq, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed.
    Mr Esper told reporters that, under current plans, about 1,000 soldiers would be redeployed to help stop the resurgence of Islamic State (IS).
    President Donald Trump has previously pledged to bring US troops home.

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