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Thread:, a new media platform launched by Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin

  1. #1, a new media platform launched by Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin

    Is anybody using Thinkspot during it's beta testing? There is a waiting list to join.

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    I have been a Thinkspot member for the past two weeks and will soon release content there. I spoke recently with one of the directors. There are currently just a few dozen channels. There are 20,000 beta users with 250,000 waiting for an invitation join. The site is set to go wide in early 2020.

    Why is this important and why am I posting this in Grassroots central?

    We know that Google and Facebook are suppressing libertarian and conservative speech. Just yesterday it was announced that Youtube will be purging thousands of channels. Thinkspot will not censor libertarian and conservative voices. Furthermore, it will not collect data from users and is not likely to permit advertising. It is a subscription model. It costs $20 a year to subscribe with a higher level subscription at $140. I think the time is right for this model. With the most famous public intellectual as it's figurehead, it has a good chance of succeeding. I have held back from releasing video content and will take this opportunity to offer exclusive, original content.

    I see Thinkspot as one part of a four part approach to take back the Internet from big tech. Brave for browsing. Duckduckgo for search. Protonmail for email. Thinkspot for media.

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