We have shifted to hack and chop, get em out of the ground for the last two days. This is the smallest of the 3 grows, 2,000 plant license. It's 24*F now, the longer the plants that are still in the ground are out there, the sooner they're going to die. Several thousand over the three farms are still in the ground. Mostly immature Sativas that weren't even half weay done anyway, no big loss. The half medical/half recreational farm is all covered with the previously shown covers they had on earlier in the year to prevent pollination, so they should be good these two days of crazy cold. Great weather two weeks straight after that, no freezing.

That all being said, we've more than hit our numbers for the year, it's been a damn good year actually...Next year will be even more interesting-we just picked up 3 more licenses, 2 recreational and a medical, for a total of 15,000 more plants.